ASUS Zenbook Pro|Brand Product Launch Campaign

Created: 2022
Client: ASUS Zenbook Pro



ASUS launched the brand new laptop for creators, Zenbook Pro 16X OLED. JL DESIGN was in charge of its product launch campaign in Taiwan, and our strategy was to highlight the features of the new product by inviting different creators to experience the Zenbook Pro firsthand. We brought together film director Hsu Chih-yen, Ultra Combo's creative director Jay Tseng and music producer Yue Chia-lun, and based the campaign on the three creators’ artwork, delivering a creative strategy for different marketing purposes.


- Deepening and widening the connection between the brand and Taiwanese creators. - Reinforcing the brand image and product features. - Tapping into a new kind of collaboration for the brand in order to open up different marketing possibilities.


Building a Co-Lab to connect ASUS with creators

JL DESIGN envisioned an integrated creative strategy for the brand with the themes "Creativity, Beauty, Power" and "Inspired Everyday” - highlighting the discovery and brainstorming process behind every creative piece of work. The collaboration between creators best demonstrates Zenbook Pro's features and how the laptop integrates seamlessly into their work and daily lives. Technology becoming part of the creative process in the realization of any piece of artwork.

Zenbook Pro, the best partner to realize your imagination

The series of works were inspired by the three creators' everyday lives and creative processes. Each one an expert in their creative field, Hsu, Tseng and Yue collaborated to produce 21 distinctive pieces of NFT art, bringing together video, music and new media art to demonstrate how the powerful Zenbook Pro can support work of any scale and nature.

Experimental work integrate with marketing strategy

Due to the experimental nature of the project, we designed an effective and careful plan to document the collaboration between the creators of different discipline and turning it into the story between Zenbook Pro and creators. The methods of communication were vital to bring together design, video, virtual exhibition, online and offline marketing plans, and in facilitating the dialogue between the brand, its product and creators. Initiating the conversation between Zenbook Pro and its audience is a move forward for ASUS in the empowerment of creativity.

"美力" is synonymous with the classic image of the entire Zenbook series. We combined the concepts of technology and creativity, echoing the new logo of the Zenbook Pro body, and proposed the "創・美・力" Slogan and standard word design.

The main visual of the product integrates the concept of experimental creation, and presents powerful product performance through the co-construction of NFT time and space.

[21 Days] Co-creation of an experimental plan and a series of brand promotions

With the theme of 21 days, from the perspective of technology, we record the daily inspiration of creators through NFT experiment creation and become the main axis of publicity planning. From the start of creation, through image videos and testimonial videos, present personalized product images, and further extend digital curation, community promotion and physical lectures, effectively strengthen the communication between products and target audiences, and build creative promoters for ASUS and Zenbook Pro brand new image.


Testimony Video

Co-Creation Experiment - NFT Works

Co-Creation Experiments - Digital Curation

akaSwap Curation

Social Plan

Real feedback from the creative circle

"The laptop itself is just a living/working/creating hardware. There is software on top of the hardware. The software creates works, and the people behind the works. This approach is truly commendable!" ── NFT creator, issue advocate

"More than half of them are good friends in the design circle, dynamic circle, and new media circle. It is basically a stratospheric conference!" ── Founder of web design company

"I think this form of planning is more substantial than finding a spokesperson to praise the product, and it is more closely related to the artist's creative process." ── Well-known NFT collector

"ASUS sells its own laptop Zenbook Pro, and it doesn't have celebrities and celebrities. Instead, it sponsors three creators to carry out a co-creation experiment project. I think it's quite a practice to focus on "works" and "products" as daily work. Okay, it's nice to see this kind of marketing that promotes creativity happening more often." ── NFT creator, issue advocate

"I'm very happy to see such a deeply integrated plan, with local brands in Taiwan combined with local creators, taking place in this land." ── Cross-disciplinary design worker

"Starting from "Daily Records", the [21 Days] project is a three-way intervention of video, music, and design. Because of the large amount of experimentation, the creation overflows the habit and produces new breakthroughs." ── Design, art and culture industry media platform

Zenbook Pro Creator Night - Crossover Co-creation Sharing Session



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