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Every person is a new idea.

Everyone is an individual, and brings with them a different perspective. We believe in what you have to say and your contribution to the conversation. Regardless of your expertise, it is the way you think and how you see that makes a difference. So join us as we explore new grounds, venture beyond the horizon and seek to let our works speak for themselves.


Project Manager

1. Define, organize, coordinate, and track project planning and deliverables 2. Manage and track the project timeline, resource requirements and budget 3. Liaise with client and designers to ensure consistency of deliverables with company standards and client’s expectations 4. Preferably with experiences of managing animation and liveshoot projects 5. Four years of experiences 6. Good English in both oral & writing

Senior Graphic Designer

1. Have unique views and ideas for creative ideas, proposals and implementation 2. High sensitivity to Chinese and English fonts, color styles and typography 3. Possess the concept of material application and printing process 4. Good experience in typesetting books and publications 5. Serving customers: multinational financial brands 6. More than five years of relevant work experience

Production Coordinator

1. Have good digital logic, curious about how design can change finance 2. Be careful, take initiative, like teamwork, and love to find answers. 3. Job content: create new financial brand customers, assist in project general affairs, and communicate with customers and designers on a daily basis 4. Software usage: basic writing software for Mac computers (pages/numbers/keynote)

Production Intern

1. 對於動態影像、品牌設計領域、創意設計產業、參與專案執行製作流程有高度興趣 2. 關心時事議題, 喜歡文字表達、 社群操作 3. 工作態度積極、細心、負責 4. 基本能力:中英文文書處理 5. 實習期間:七月-八月 6. 一週需要駐點至少四天,工作時間10:00-19:00

Design Intern

1. 對尋找創意與設計的可能性有極大熱忱與求知慾 2. 工作態度積極、好奇、負責 3. 基本能力:創意發想、平面設計軟體,或動態設計與影像剪輯軟體 -平面:Photoshop, Illustrator等 -動態:AE、C4D、Premiere Pro等 4. 實習期間:七月-八月 5. 一週需要駐點至少四天,工作時間10:00-19:00

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