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Every person is a new idea.

Everyone is an individual, and brings with them a different perspective. We believe in what you have to say and your contribution to the conversation. Regardless of your expertise, it is the way you think and how you see that makes a difference. So join us as we explore new grounds, venture beyond the horizon and seek to let our works speak for themselves.


Art Director 藝術總監

在JL,藝術總監做為設計輸出的把關者,需要了解客戶品牌的調性,能做出符合JL DESIGN的設計標準,同時又不為了過度設計而設計,能良好的掌握設計的品質。 同時需要對客戶品牌需求有深度的理解,認同公司的文化,以此找到與大眾對話的洞見,推動每個設計的極限,並以此打動目標受眾。 藝術總監需對品牌有深度的理解、驚人的美感、善於洞察且具跨領域能力。進而指導內外設計師進行專案討論,並確保產出有品質的設計成果。 1. 確定設計專案的方向和目標,並確保方向符合公司品牌形象和市場需求。 2. 指導和管理設計團隊,確保同事遵循專案方向和時間表,並優化團隊的生產效率。 3. 參與創作和設計工作,提供創意和專業意見,確保所有專案的設計品質達到最佳成果。 4. 監督設計項目的時間表,並協調內外部協作資源讓專案在時間完成。 In JL, As the Art Director responsible for overseeing design outputs, you need to have a deep understanding of the client's brand tone. You should be able to create designs that align with JL DESIGN's standards without overdesigning, all while maintaining a strong grasp of design quality. Simultaneously, you must have a profound comprehension of the client's brand requirements, resonate with the company's culture, and use this understanding to find insights for engaging with the public. Pushing the limits of each design to captivate the target audience. The Art Director should possess a profound understanding of the brand, exceptional aesthetics, keen insights, and interdisciplinary skills. This allows you to guide internal and external designers in project discussions, ensuring the production of high-quality design outcomes. 1. Define the direction and goals of design projects, ensuring they align with the company's brand image and market demands. 2. Lead and manage the design team, ensuring colleagues adhere to project directions and timelines while optimizing the team's productivity. 3. Participate in creative and design work, providing creative and professional insights, ensuring that the design quality of all projects achieves the best results. 4. Supervise project timelines and coordinate internal and external collaborative resources to ensure projects are completed on time.

Senior Graphic Designer 資深設計師

JL的資深設計師擁有豐富的設計經驗和創意思維,需對設計有高度熱情、獨立思考與專案執行的能力,善於發現問題與找尋答案,致力於創造更好的設計體驗。 在工作上需能獨立執行複雜性高或具邏輯性的專案,也能夠在團隊中擔任領導角色進行良好的團隊協作,且具有創意思維和解決問題能力,能夠提供獨特和有效的設計解決方案。 1. 負責設計或開發一系列品牌和市場推廣素材,以支持客戶的目標。 2. 參與內部需求方的討論,瞭解客戶端的需求。 3. 探索新趨勢,將其應用於設計工作中。 4. 維持JL DESIGN的設計水平,確保所有設計都符合JL DESIGN的標準。 A Senior Designer with extensive design experience and creative thinking skills should have a deep passion for design, the ability to think independently, and execute projects effectively. They should excel at problem identification and solution-finding, dedicating themselves to creating superior design experiences. In their role, they should be capable of independently handling complex or logical projects, taking on leadership roles within the team to foster effective teamwork. They should possess creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, providing unique and effective design solutions. 1. Responsible for designing or developing a range of brand and marketing materials to support client company objectives. 2. Participate in discussions with internal stakeholders to understand their needs. 3. Explore new trends and apply them to design work. 4. Maintain the design standards of JL DESIGN, ensuring all designs align with JL DESIGN's criteria.

Senior Project Manager 資深專案經理

身為JL的資深專案經理需要負責計劃、組織、領導和監控專案,並確保專案達到既定的目標、品質、時程和預算要求。需要擁有豐富的專案管理經驗,能夠在團隊成員之間建立良好的溝通和協調機制。 在這個職務中,需要與設計師、合作夥伴、客戶密切合作,以確保專案在各個方面都能達到公司的期望和客戶的需求。其中需要協調和解決團隊或外包合作產商間的問題(包括但不限於:時間、預算、品質標準等),並能夠提供有建設性的反饋和建議,以提高團隊的效率和工作品質。 1. 負責規劃和管理多個專案,確保專案團隊在時間、成本和資源方面的成功交付。 2. 領導專案團隊,包括規劃和分配任務、協調跨部門的工作流程、控制風險和負責問題解決。 3. 指導團隊成員並提供專業知識,以幫助他們完成任務並實現目標。 4. 建立和維護專案計劃、進度表、預算和報告,並定期向管理層進行更新。 5. 維護利益相關者之間的關係,包括客戶、團隊成員和合作廠商等。 6. 監控和評估專案績效,並提供定期報告和分析以幫助決策。 As a Senior Project Manager at JL, you are responsible for planning, organizing, leading, and monitoring projects to ensure they meet established goals, quality standards, schedules, and budget requirements. You should have extensive project management experience and the ability to establish effective communication and coordination mechanisms among team members. In this role, close collaboration with designers, partners, and clients is essential to ensure that projects meet both company expectations and client needs. This includes coordinating and resolving issues among team members or external vendors (including, but not limited to, issues related to time, budget, and quality standards). You should provide constructive feedback and suggestions to enhance team efficiency and work quality. 1. Take charge of planning and managing multiple projects, ensuring successful delivery by project teams in terms of time, cost, and resources. 2. Lead project teams, including task planning and assignment, coordination of cross-departmental workflows, risk management, and problem-solving. 3. Mentor team members and provide expertise to help them complete tasks and achieve goals. 4. Establish and maintain project plans, schedules, budgets, and reports, regularly updating management. 5. Cultivate relationships with stakeholders, including clients, team members, and partner companies. 6. Monitor and evaluate project performance, providing regular reports and analyses to support decision-making.

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