Arts & Culture
Taiwan NOW
Created: 2019-2021
Client: The Cultural Taiwan Foundation



In 2019, JL created the main visuals for Taiwan NOW, a festival aimed at promoting contemporary art between Taiwan and Japan. A visual language that worked for both cultures was established under the theme “Flowers and blessings”. This visual identity was later applied to the entrance hall of the virtual exhibition. The cultural exchange also speaks of the friendship between Taiwan and Japan.


“When sending our well-wishes to Japan, how do we show our sincerity and retain our distinct Taiwan flavor?” Taiwan NOW is a cultural exchange program jointly established by Taiwan and Japan. “Knot” is a meaningful symbol shared between the two cultures and became the main design element for the visuals. In Japan, a rope-like decoration known as the "Mizuhiki" knot is commonly seen in festivals, on amulets and envelopes. In Taiwan, the various cultural groups such as the aborigines, Han, Minnan, and Hakka also use rope knots woven into various decorations to symbolize the connection between people and marriage blessings.

“Weave a flower of prosperity together."


The exuberance and vitality of the Taiwanese are conveyed in the visuals of the knots. The lines are shaped like people dancing and they form a multi-hued thriving flower to signify the well wishes for Japan.

Logo Design

With “knot” as the concept, in a series of brushstrokes, the logo is formed though the interweaving of lines. The blessings are weaved into the logo, conveying the well wishes for Japan.

Key Visual Design

The different postures of the dancers that shaped the flowers, placed far or near in the visuals, brings variety to the series of posters. Main characteristics: The colorful lines portrayed three different poses - embrace, connection and blooming. Together they form a flower at full bloom, signifying the shared prosperity of Taiwan's diversity. Tokyo venue: Formed by many people embracing, the flower buds opening slowly. Signifying art and culture coms from the gathering of people. Virtual exhibition: The lines where two flowers intersect, people dancing hand-in-hand, to signify the exchanges and connections between different groups and cultures. Kaohsiung venue: The image of flowers blooming and people constantly reaching outwards to show that the different arts are thriving and prospering.

Application Design


Human Flower

"Human Flower" is the theme of the virtual entrance hall, derived from Taiwan NOW's theme "Flowers and Blessings”. It reflects the spirit of the exhibition - “ to create a flower of prosperity together”, and forming the concept for the interactive experience of the exhibition. JL DESIGN invited creatives from various fields in Taiwan and Japan. The 3D animation studio TMRRW, film director WU Chung-lun with a background in photography and animation, dance troupe "Les Petites Choses Production" that integrates dance into daily life, and music director WANG Hsi-wen, who is ever on the lookout for the different possibilities of sound. Last but nit least is NAXS Corp, specializing in virtual reality. Together, they created a vibrant virtual garden. With the friendly exchanges on message walls between Japan and Taiwan as the concept for the virtual exhibition, and through the movement of the dancers on the videos forming “Human Flower”, participants can experience the joy that comes from life itself.


The production team of "Aphrodite" was composed of many outstanding creatives and theater practitioners from both Taiwan and Japan. It was one of the important performances of Taiwan NOW. For this production, JL created the poster designs, DMs, and lyric books based on the main visuals produced by Japanese artist YANAGI Miwa.



Key Visual Design— Executive Creative Director: Johnason Lo Executive Producer: Angela Moo Creative Director: Johan Tsai Head of Project Management: Chiaying Tsai Art Director: Hsiang Ju Hung Project Manager: Ryan Lin, Tingyu Huang, Anne Hung Planner: Carol Chen, Sandy Wang Production Assistant: Naiyu Song, Berry Cheng Designer: Ivan Fang, Wei Lee, Peter Chang Application Design: Ivan Fang, Lily Cheng Logo Animation— Motion Design: Mos Zheng, Zhanhom Ho, TouFu Music: Owen Wang Piano: Yuying Hsu Cello: Cello Fan Sheng: Li-chin Li Bass: Jay Cheng Drum: Fish Huang Recording Engineer: Chou Han Tsay @BB Road Studio Shang-po Lin @JL Music & Video Production Studio “四季春” 選自《陳達和他的歌》 SP:洪建全教育文化基金會 Mixing Engineer: Ziya [email protected] Sound Studio Promo Video— Motion Design: Joy Wu, Junde Lin Music: Owen Wang Piano: Yuying Hsu Bass: Jay Cheng Drum: Fish Huang Recording Engineer: Shang-po Lin @JL Music & Video Production Studio Mixing Engineer: Ziya Huanh @Purring Sound Studio Aphrodite Application Design— Application Design: Hsiang Ju Hung Key Visual Design & Logotype Design: Miwa Yanagi Human Flower JL DESIGN— Executive Creative Director: Johnason Lo Executive Producer: Angela Moo Creative Director: Johan Tsai Head of Project Management: Chiaying Tsai Art Director: HsiangJu Hung Project Manager: Tingyu Huang, Anne Hung, Carol Chen Project Coordinator: Nero Lee Production Assistant: Berry Cheng Designer: Morris Chi, Amber Lee Video Production— Video Director: Chung-Lun Wu Producer: Jonathan Cheng Line Producer: Po Huang Cameraman: Sheng-Yang Su, Hsiang-Ko Chen, Zong-Yu Hsieh, Jau-Chen Wu, Chi-Hung Lai, Ping-Hsiao Tsai Hao-Wei Lin Gaffer: Hsien-Yuan Chen Best Boy: He-Chien Tseng Best Boy: Ming-Chieh Chung, Yu-Ming Yang LEE RONG Crane Team: Wei-Ming Lu, Chao-Hsiang Wang, Chih-Yuan Chen Grip: Lung-Hui Lin Editor: Chung-Lun Wu Colorist: Cheng-Wei Tong Still Photographer: Man-Chi Cheng Compositing: Wall Les Petites Choses Production— Choreographer / Artistic Director: Nai-Hsuan Yang Rehearsal Assistant: Yi-Chin Chen Dancer: Yi-Chin Chen, Le Shen, Chien-Hao Chang, Yu-Min Huang, Yi-En Chen, Ya-Wei Chang, Pei-Rung Chu, Wen-Fang Lai, Ya-Yuan Chang, Yu-Hsun Pan, Su-Lien Lin, Wen-Hao Chang Shooting Assistant: Ling-En Gao Stylist: Nai-Hsuan Yang, Ann Wang Hair: Miao-Fang Wei, Cai-Tong Xie Make up: Miao-Fang Wei, Meng-Chian Hsieh Music Design— Music Supervisor: Owen Wang Sound Design & Original Score: Owen Wang, Cai-Jhen Jhu Coordinator: Belle Liu Piano: Yu-Ying Hsu Sheng: Li-Chin Li Cello: Hang Liu Bass: Jay Cheng Drum: Fish Huang Recording Studio: Mega Force Studio, 112F Recording Studio Recording Engineer: Shang-Po Lin, Zen Chien Mixing Studio: Purring Sound Studio Mixing Engineer: ShenB Virtual Environment and Visual Effects Implementation: NAXS Corp. Set Design & 3D Model Making: TMRRW STUDIO Creative Director: William Chan Project Producer: Marilyn Tang Designer: Wesley Sun, Justin Law, Ayumi Tan Creative Consultant: Koichiro Tanaka Japanese Interpreter: Lu Sun


Graphic Design

Digital Design

Taiwan HYPE

An exhibition visualizing how industries in Taiwan will innovate through technology.


An exhibition visualizing how industries in Taiwan will innovate through technology.