Johnnie Walker Projection Mapping

Created: 2010
Client: Johnnie Walker



Jonnie Walker revamped the package of its Black Label whisky in 2010, and we created an outdoor projection mapping experience for the brand on a huge balloon, which was 3 metres in diameter, in Xinyi District, featuring themes with rounded shape such as the earth and clocks. The video explores the home and origin of the Black Label, showcasing the brand’s strengths and specialities as it accumulates experience and evolves over time. The Green Label was launched in another part of the city at Huashan Creative Park, where a five-minute 3D projection mapping show, produced by JL DESIGN within one month, was screened. The visuals echo with the vintage factories in Huashan as we combined together the historical buildings, innovative technologies, videos, and music, delivering the specialities of the Green Label: Strong sea salt, smoky flavour, with refreshing fruity note and robust malty base.


Johnnie Walker organised a launch event publicising the new package of its classic Black Label whisky in Taipei CBD in 2010. In this project, we aimed to create a wonderful visual experience on the three-metred huge balloon – the largest outdoor spherical art installation in Taipei back to then – illustrating the home and origin of the Black Label through the projection while communicating the brand’s classic yet modern image. As for the launch event for the Green Label in Huashan, the greatest challenge we faced was to produce a video from the scratch within one month. From brainstorming to the final work, we conveyed the four aromas wrapped up in the Green Label, creating a brilliant visual experience for the audiences.


In order to create the largest outdoor spherical art installation at that time to celebrate the Black Label’s new package, we used rounded elements such as the globe, eyeballs, and clocks in the 3D projection mapping project. The story dates back to 1820s when the Black Label was born, leading audiences to explore the origin of the product. On the other part of the city, the Green Label was promoted in Huashan. Inspired by the four aromas of the product – strong sea salt, smoky flavour, with refreshing fruity note and robust malty base – JL DESIGN created a five-minute 3D projection mapping show on a tight schedule within one month, intricately combining our work with the old factory buildings in Huashan Creative Park.


The massive projection mapping experience we delivered was the largest-ever branding event featuring outdoor spherical art installation in Taipei City at that time, impressing the audience with not just the size of the work but also the narrative story. The Huashan edition featured a projection mapping show on existing buildings, which appeared to be on fire, or flooded by the rising sea level, creating a delicate combination of historical buildings and technology while strengthening the brand’s spirit that it can withstand challenges.



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