Eva Air In-flight Menu
Created: 2018 / 2020
Client: EVA Airways Corp. / Evergreen International Corp.



We designed the 2018 in-flight menus for one of the world’s top 10 airlines, Eva Air, with the aim to highlight the brand’s spirit and convey the meticulously tailored flying experiences the airline has created for its passengers. Inspired by “four seasons in Taiwan from a micro-perspective”, we put together bird’s-eye views of fields and macro food photography of Taiwan’s seasonal ingredients. The link to the land made the in-flight menu an important part to convey the brand spirit and resonate with people.


Aiming to create different flying experiences than other airlines with the use of in-flight menus, we thought outside the box by making the menu not only a carrier of information but also a stimulus to enrich passenger’s dining experience and increase the appetite. The menu made trips more interesting, demonstrating Eva Air’s sincerity to host its passengers while using the image of the island to make the passengers recognise the brand.


JL DESIGN proposed the idea of “four seasons in Taiwan from a micro-perspective” to customise Eva Air’s new menu, combining together the bird’s-eye views of Taiwan’s landscapes and macro food photography of Taiwan’s seasonal ingredients to better deliver the spirit of the brand and convey the meticulously tailored flying experiences the airline has created for its passengers. The link to the land resonated with people, and the 2020 edition further extended the idea, focusing on wonderful gatherings in people’s lives. “The wonderful moment of gatherings” demonstrated different journeys people have embarked on once again with both the macro- and micro-perspective design concepts. The collage of the world’s seasonal landscapes, as well as vegetables, fruits, desserts, and ingredients highlighted Eva Air’s ambition to take its passengers to the world to experience different lifestyles and enjoy different scenes.

2018 MENU DESIGN長榮菜單_Cover_2.jpg長榮菜單_2.jpg長榮菜單_3.jpg

2020 MENU DESIGN長榮菜單_1.jpg長榮菜單_6.jpg長榮菜單_11.jpg長榮菜單_14.jpg


We aimed to create brand-new flying experiences by redesigning the in-flight menu, managing to make the 2018 menu an important part to convey the brand spirit of Eva Air. At the time of boarding, you’ve already embarked on a new journey. The new menu was selected by the iconic lifestyle magazine Monocle as the “most appealing in-flight menu”, and it also won the Gold Medal for Best Business Class Cellar awarded by the renowned travel magazine Business Traveller for two consecutive years.



2018 Creative Agency: JL DESIGN Creative Director: JL Executive Producer: Angela Moo Head of Project Management: Chia Ying Tsai Project Manager: Ryan Lin, Wingyee Kwan Project Coordinator: Sandy Wang Art Director: Lance Wei Designer: Hsiang Ju Hung, Abby Tsai 2020 Executive Creative Director: JL Creative Agency: JL DESIGN Executive Producer: Angela Moo, Johan Tsai Head of Production: Chiaying Tsai Creative Director: David Tsai Associate Creative Director: Lance Wei Project Manager: Ryan Lin Project Coordinator: Carol Chen Project Assistant: Dan Zhang Art Director: Hsiang Ju Hung Senior Designer: Kevin Chien Designer: Ivan Fang, Kelsie Chan, Abby Tsai, Mos Zheng


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