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57th Golden Horse Awards
Created: 2020
Client: Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee


Take one: On the road to tomorrow


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the film industry came to a halt, and an uncertainty loomed over the quantity and quality of the entries for the Golden Horse Awards. Addressing the concern over viewership due to lack of content, JL DESIGN in charge of the branding graphics package for the Golden Horse Awards for a second consecutive year, created a call for participation from the public to contribute to the content of the show under the theme “Take One: On the road to tomorrow”. The theme was a nod to resolution in the face of the pandemic and a time to start anew for the film industry. The materials received became the content for the nominee videos and bumpers; this garnered a huge response and raised the viewership of the show. In total, 7225 entries were received and the public became a part of the process, a part of the show. The viewership doubled compared to the previous year, gaining new audiences for the Golden Horse Awards and renewed interest in movies and filmmaking.主視覺海報.jpg


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the film industry faced an unprecedented challenge, and the entries for the Golden Horse Awards may suffer as a consequence. Addressing the concern over viewership due to lack of content, JL DESIGN in charge of the overall visual for the Golden Horse Awards for a second consecutive year, came up with a concept and strategy allowing greater participation from the public. A deeper connection was thus formed between the award show and the audience.

Commercial Film


When JL DESIGN came up with the concept “Take one:On the road to tomorrow”, the idea was that any change due to the Covid-19 pandemic can be seen as a fresh start like the “take one” of a scene while shooting. The call for submission of videos, pictures or notes on how people were living their lives in the pandemic became materials for the nominee videos and bumpers. These stories of Taiwan when in the face of a pandemic greatly impacted the audience and the power of storytelling reconnected the Golden Horse Awards with its audience.

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Stage Design

Package Design




總互動次數 12,078 次・14 則臉書貼文

平均每則互動 863 次・743 讚・109 分享


總互動數 18.8萬 次・超過 1,100 分享



Executive Creative Director: JL Creative Agency: JL DESIGN Executive Producer: Angela Moo Creative Director: Johan Tsai Head of Project Management: ChiaYing Tsai Associate Creative Director: Lance Wei Art Director: Hsiang Ju Hung Project Manager: Ryan Lin Planner: Carol Chen Production Staff: Tyne Huang, Carol Chen, Pinchi Huang, Berry Cheng, Lizhen Shen Key Visual Design: Hsiang Ju Hung, Kelsie Chan Logo bumper── Script: Lance Wei, Johan Tsai, Carol Chen Edit: Johan Tsai, Morris Chi, Nanez Chen Animator: Morris Chi, Six Lin, Cathy Ho, 林聖峯 Voice-over: Summer Lei 攝影: 蕭逸凡 Ceremony Package Animation: Jim Hsu, Tyne Huang, Lizhen Shen Stage Visual Design: JL DESIGN (Hsiang Ju Hung, Kelsie Chan, Ben Liao, Mos Zheng), MixCode Studio (柯鈞譯, 李孟栩, 林芷君, 曾子庭, 邱憶文, 江道欣, 黃俊瑋, 陳安) Promo── Logo Design: Kelsie Chan Logo Animation: Morris Chi Cast: Yeo Yann Yann, Chen Yi-Wen, Winnie Chang, Liu Kuan-Ting, Fandy Fan Director: John Hsu 製片: Wu Chi-Yu, Fang Tzu-Ying 製片組: Wen Guo-You, Chiang Han-Ju 場記: Huang Ying-Hua 美術指導: Yeh Tzu-Wei 美術組: Chen Guan-Ni, Yao Yuan-Pen 攝影師: Chou Yi-Hsien 攝影大助: Huang Wei-Cheng 攝影二助: Lin Tzu-Chieh, JIia Shih-Yun 燈光師: Sun Zhi-Qi 燈光大助: Li Pei-Yuan 燈光二助: Lin Zong-Xian, Lin Shinh-Jou 造型指導: Lore Shih 造型組: Chen Yi-Ju 妝髮師: Minnie Chao 妝髮助理: Tsai Yu-Ju 場務: Chang Chun-Hsiung 收音師: Sun Hao-Shuan 收音助理: Li Po-Yao 攝影器材: Taipei Di Ltd. 車輛租賃: Yung-Sheng Car Rental Ltd. 新加坡拍攝團隊 製片: Tan Si En 攝影師: Lincoln Yeo 執行製片: Sophia Sim 收音師: Sng Ye Min 化妝師: kfbong 髮型: Passion Hair Salon 數位檔案管理: Cote 劇照及側拍: Grace Baey 剪輯: John Hsu 調光室: TimeLine Studio 調光師: Wen Kai Hung 調光助理: Kuan Yi Ho 專案管理: Ying Fang Chen 後期聲音製作: CMPC Sound Studio 聲音設計: Book Chien 音效剪輯: Chen, Jia-Li 音效剪輯: Hogan Chu Song “Sunless” Written by: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky Poem by: Arseny Golenishchev-Kutuzov 合成器: Lu Luming 演唱: Julian Lo 鋼琴: Weng, Chung-Hua 錄音: Zen Chien 錄音助理: ChiLon Chen 錄音室: ff Recording studio DCP製作: Far East Translation Service & Video Production Co., Ltd Special Thanks: YuanPu, Ivy Chen Nominees VCR── Concept: 洪湘茹, 陳施澄, 楊雅涵 Voice-over: 陳竹昇 Nominees VCR Visual Design JL DESIGN: 何佳珍, 林聖峯, 陳柏尹, 王珮璇, Tyne Huang, Pinchi Huang, Sun Huang MIXCODE STUDIO: 柯鈞譯, 李孟栩, 林芷君, 曾子庭, 莊仲凱, 許煒莉, 黃省元, 江道欣, 王蓓恩 Nulls Design: 徐光慧, 劉承杰, 董建潁, 陳婷安, 岳乙宏, 宋政傑, 張雅涵, 鄭詒謙, 鄭凱文, 廖浩辰 逝世影人影片動態設計── JL DESIGN: 洪湘茹 Nulls Design: 徐光慧, 董建潁, 陳婷安, 岳乙宏, 廖浩辰 群眾素材募集計畫── Strategist: 王日暄 社群經理: 莊舒羽 社群宣傳: Sunbathe(洪紹華, 林巧豈, 李宜蓁, 劉一淨, 林 凌, 林于涵, 林筠霏) Music Design: MUSDM 製作人: 余佳倫 製作協力: 佘以安 音樂: 余佳倫, 徐 文, 李銘杰 聲音設計: 楊子霆, cheer, 小飛俠, 何靜 聲音後期: 楊子霆, 張育維 特別感謝: 賴Q, 林毛, 徐飽 特別感謝: 7225位,所有共同創作者們


Branding Identity


Film & Motion Graphics

The 57th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony: Commercial

金馬57 群眾素材募集計畫

金馬57 群眾素材募集計畫