2021 Taiwan Indigenous Television Channel
Created: 2021
Client: Indigenous People Cultural Foundation


"We have to learn to read the mood and temperament of the sea. This is part of our ocean-faring genes." - Syaman Rapongan


Taiwan is the origin of the oceanic Austronesian expansion, the descendent groups are found in other parts of the world, connecting the island to the world. This common lineage is what bounded the Austronesian groups and inspired JL to come up with the concept "One with the tides" for the Taiwan Indigenous Television channel refresh. In sharing the culture of Taiwan's indigenous people with the world, the channel is embracing the world.


A refresh of Taiwan Indigenous Television Channel’s logo animation, on-air package design and idents is to convey anew its core message - the hramonious coexistence between the indigenous people and the earth - a worldview that is borderless and a unique perspective of contemporary indigenous culture.


Fluidity is used to symbolize the characteristics of the Taiwan Indigenous Television Channel: natural, authentic, and full of vitality. Brilliant red represents altruistic sharing, sapphire blue signifies inclusivity, and gold symbolizes the richness of the earth. The geometrical elements in the channel package design are inspired by shapes seen in the daily lives of the indigenous people. Melding the modern with the traditional, a unique perspective is created. The contemporary indigenous culture is represented by a design that is clean and fluid; a worldview that is outward looking and encompassing. Partners from other industries and nations were also invited to participate in the creation of the design. The technical artistry of the international art team fuse* was combined with the Golden Melody Awards winner Anu’s musical composition, and together with innovative design, international vision, and language that speaks to the Earth, the story of indigenous peoples are told. We collaborated with international digital artist fuse* and Golden Melody Awards winner and Taiwan indigenous music composer Anul. A compelling visual that represents their worldview and a sound that is grounded in their culture gives the channel an image that is authentic and visionary.


Island Ident|Exploring cultural roots

Ocean Ident|Exploring the world

Logo Animation




Client: IPCF Creative Agency: JL DESIGN Creative Director: Johan Tsai Executive Producer: Angela Moo Head of Project Management: ChiaYing Tsai Senior Project Manger: Ryan Lin Production: Tyne Huang, Sabrina Hsiao Planner: Carol Chen Associate Creative Director: Lance Wei Art Director: Hsiang Ju Hung Main Design: Fang Zhi-Hong Motion Design: Junde Lin Montage Edit: Nanez Chen Digital Artist:fuse* Music—— Songwriter: Anu Arrangement: Tina C. Wang, Wang Jun Jie Mixing: Guanyuu Chen Backing Vocalist: 島嶼篇- Anu, Pinian, Lekal Paenan, Kating Osay, Iyo Kacaw 海洋篇- Anu Footage Production—— 島嶼篇—— Line Producer: 張偉欣 Producer Assistant: 楊垣珊 DOP: 白杰立 AC: 賈世筠 Model: 徐韋琦 海洋篇—— Planner: 陳慧芝 Producer: 林鈺茹 DOP: 謝坤哲 1st AC: 簡靖宗 2nd AC: 連黛吟 Director: Baulese Lovaniyau


Branding Identity

Film & Motion Graphics

CGTN Documentary

HBO Asia Lunar New Year Ident

A visual image celebrating the lunar new year amidst the pandemic.

A visual image celebrating the lunar new year amidst the pandemic.

HBO Asia Lunar New Year Ident

A visual image celebrating the lunar new year amidst the pandemic.