HBO Asia Lunar New Year Ident

Created: 2021
Client: HBO ASIA



JL DESIGN created the lunar new year’s ident for HBO ASIA in 2021. Beginning with the idea of “Health is Wealth”, we delivered the blessings from HBO ASIA which wished people to stay safe and have a happy lunar new year. In this project, we worked with Mix Code and printed icons of oxen and measures containing the pandemic on Mah-jong tiles to combine the eastern culture and history with new habits we developed during the pandemic, so as to convey the imagery of lunar new year in modern era.


The global pandemic segregated people in 2020. As HBO ASIA is widely embraced by both people with Chinese heritage and western audiences, JL DESIGN expected to bring together the new normal and hopes brought by the arrival of spring for audiences, creating a brand-new ident for HBO ASIA in 2021.


Collaborating with Mix Code, JL DESIGN used Mah-jong tiles as the main visual element while jade was used to produce the tiles as it symbolises good luck and happiness. Printing icons of oxen and measures containing the pandemic on the tiles, we aimed to present an ident with traditional eastern elements as well as symbols of modern life. By doing so, we expected to bring people closer together and strengthen the link between people through the combination of different elements. The final styleframe presented tiles like spring couplets, which are used to deliver blessings and expectations for the new year.


In HBO ASIA’s 2021 ident for lunar new year, JL DESIGN made use of jade to decorate traditional Mah-jong tiles, on which we printed interesting elements symbolising measures taken for the pandemic, injecting a new, modern vibe into the traditional, eastern game. The video immediately received lots of positive feedback on social media as it changed people’s impression on videos celebrating lunar new year.



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