ASUS Zenbook Pro|21 Days

Created: 2022
Client: ASUS Zenbook Pro


Creativity comes from your inspiration and expression. Beauty comes from what you see and capture. Strength comes from collaboration between creators of different disciplines.

Each day, a work of art, and inspiration can come from anywhere - an observation, from listening or a sudden thought. What are these moments of everyday inspiration? How do we capture them? Zenbook Pro launched its first experimental creative collaboration, inviting film director Hsu Chih-yen, Ultra Combo's creative director Jay Tseng, and music producer Yue Chia-lun to create a series of experimental artwork labeled “21 Days”, using the brand-new Zenbook Pro 16X OLED. The artwork will be exhibited in the form of NFT (non-fungible token).

Digital Archives of Everyday Life

The dynamic creative collaboration is based on documenting the creator’s daily experience for 21 days. The three creators present their everyday living and creative processes through different methods of preserving the memories and feelings they had during those times. For the creators, the process is fluid; the daily occurrence, the stream of thoughts, the interaction between people, are interspersed throughout the day, becoming sources of inspiration and hence, “Interpolate” the concept for the series of work is about how film, music and digital art will come together to interpret these everyday occurrences. Hsu Chih-yen provided footages of 21 days of everyday life. Yue Chia-lun created 21 pieces of improvisational music with a prepared piano (upright). Ultra Combos created a device called “memory lens”, using programming to alter digitally how we view the daily scenery. The setting of the device for the three weeks transformed every video frame and every sound into a digital form, so that they can affect one another to create 21 distinctive digital works on memories.

3 Weeks / 21 Days

Three artists, three different perspectives; together they form a multiple-view observance of everyday living with none dominating, no actual beginning or end, and it could be about the very moment or a memory from the past. For the visual, glass is used to present different realities depending on the reflection, a medium that preserves seemingly imperfect moments. The prepared piano musical elements inserted into the different moments become instrumental to the memory of the days in the three weeks. Through the lens, the light refraction and the flow of the music make the everyday moments unlike the ordinary. The experimental series unveils how creators are inspired by the daily occurrences that could change with time, the social interactions whether complex or seemingly unchanging, becoming different at every turn. The changes that could affect the individual depends on whether we are aware of it or not.

Week 1

From the first perspective, the images and time of the memories, through the lens, are stretched or extended according to the seven pieces of unchanging musical elements, and transformed into seven continuous scenes. They represent memories when recalled are somewhat unreal but the experience and feelings evoked give the memory a different meaning.

Week 2

From the second perspective, the images are being contained within the glass. Within this space in the glass, fragments of life are dissected and overlapped. Time and distance, variable and vibration, and seven sets of fragmented musical elements will affect one another at random. Some may contract or expand, changing in shape, or overlap and fade off, just like those inspired moments.

Week 3

From the third perspective, everything happens outside of the sealed glass. When the cube starts to rotate, the perspective starts to change, and the fragments of life open up. The shape of every set of musical content changes according to the space, sometimes whole, sometimes separated. When you stop to look, what is perceived as real, may be challenged, and so everything is seen with new eyes.



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