TSMC 2018 Technology Symposium

Created: 2018
Client: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited



TSMC, one of the top 100 global enterprises, approached JL DESIGN to produce an opening video for its Technology Symposium in 2018, which signalled the start for the TSMC to reshape AI technology. We highlighted how TSMC fuelled the development of AI technology in global market and how it helped create a future where virtual and physical worlds converge, presenting more possibilities that TSMC’s technologies might help achieve in the future.


JL DESIGN was commissioned to create an opening video for the most important annual event at TSMC, the Technology Symposium. The event debuted in the U.S. and would tour around the world at twelve different stops. At the opening ceremony, we played the opening video on a 7K high-resolution screen to mark the start for the event as TSMC was about to reshape AI technology. Within just 45 seconds, the video conveyed the values TSMC could bring to its clients and opened an important event for the global technology sector.


This video showcases the “blueprint of a future digital age”. Featuring silicon wafers that facilitated digital computation, the video presented the blueprint of a digital age and portrayed a better future for humanbeings, where AI is applied in various platforms, including mobile phones, self-driving cars, airplanes, computers, and the Internet of Things. Based on these ideas, we created a future beyond imagination in the video, demonstrating TSMC’s capabilities to bring AI technology to the next level and lead humans toward a more advanced digital world.


Using abstract visual elements and silicon wafers to showcase how TSMC helped to reshape AI technology, we highlighted TSMC’s role to build a future where virtual and physical worlds would both advance and endless opportunities would be created. The video received lots of positive feedback when it was released; therefore, TSMC invited us to produce another opening video for its opening ceremony in the next year.



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TSMC 2019 Technology Symposium

TSMC 2019 Technology Symposium