Tencent Logo Animation

Created: 2013
Client: Tecent



In 2013, JL DESIGN undertook the planning of the logo bumper for Tencent Video. We based our design on the concept of "unlimited playback", using the PLAY button to symbolize the richness and diversity of Tencent Video. Colourful triangles were arranged and assembled together, and thereafter added to a digital style that quickly and energetically constructs a colourful and interesting animated logo.


The goal of the logo bumper was to visually and clearly communicate the features of Tencent Video in just a few seconds: With diversified and rich content, Tencent Video is a digital platform offering creative content.


In the planning of the logo bumper, we chose the most common visual symbol of video playing: the PLAY button. The button was used to symbolise the concept of "unlimited playback". Different types of playback buttons made reference to the colourful and lively creativity of the brand, and the bright and colourful triangles were arranged and assembled in various ways. This was combined with the fast-moving and lively digital motion graphics to construct a colourful and interesting animated logo.




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