Created: 2021
Client: CNA (Central News Agency)



TaiwanPlus is Taiwan's first international English video streaming platform. It aims to feature Taiwan’s diversity, its high level of freedom and openness, and start a new dialogue with the world. JL created a fresh look, a way of engagement, showcasing how multifaceted Taiwan is. We explore how to retell the story of Taiwan through design.

“An island where people converge, adding their characteristics and voices into the mix.”


Highlight how Taiwan's vitality and adaptability results in all kinds of possibilities, and how TaiwanPlus is a platform to get to know all things Taiwan. “An island for all” as the concept to express Taiwan’s multifacetedness, vitality and adaptability. Adhering to these characteristics, a visual language was created to draw eyeballs to the rich content that the platform has to offer.

“A new spot where all can converge and disperse, where connections are made.”


The abbreviation of Taiwan, TW, is separated by a “+” sign with the right arm of the “+” sign slanting upwards. Taiwan as a center, pointing to a direction forward and starting a new dialogue with the world. The color comes from the concept “dawn of an island". The blue and yellow gradient like the sea and the sun signify looking at Taiwan anew as it reinvents itself. The direction of the gradient moves away from the T to symbolize the idea of “Taiwan to the world”. The font type was inspired by those used on federal highway signs. Overpass, a digital typeface, was used as it is in line with the concept “channel". The hope is that the idea of Taiwan meeting the world can be derived from the logo.

Logo Animation

"'+' meaning to connect and start a discovery all round.”

With every shift of the axis, the “+” sign takes on a new meaning. “T” and “W” are connected and affected by the “+” sign. Every re-positioning is a new discovery, leading to a multipler effect and new connections. TaiwanPlus promises to be full of possibilities. The rotating “+” locates the “News”. The intersecting “+” shows a colorful “Lifestyle”. The stacked “+” symbolizes the diverse yet integrated “Culture”. The changing “+” signifies the infinite possibilities of “Tech”. The unfurling "+" demonstrates the richness of “Nature”.

“The humming of the people presents Taiwan with tremendous vitality.”

For sound, vitality is shown by having singing voices. The chants and singing of Taiwan's aborigines adds energy to the visual and we are also showing off the Austronesian people, an integrated part of Taiwan, to the world. The world will not only see but hear Taiwan too.





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