Formosa Plastic Corporation|Product Video

Created: 2022
Client: Formosa Plastic Corporation



Formosa Plastics Corporation, FPC, is Taiwan’s largest plastics company; together with King Steel, whose foam manufacturing equipments account for 80% of the global market share, presented the next-generation, 100% recyclable foam forming technology and material at K Show in Düsseldorf. At the most important trade fair for plastics and rubber companies in the world, large screens were used strategically to promote the product video, helping them to demonstrate their ESG ambitions to those in the supply chain and attract potential clients.


The concept "New origins of sustainability" for the product video focused on highlighting the source material of FPC’s next-generation, 100% recyclable foaming technology and changing the public's perspective of plastics. Discovering not just the possibilities of the source material but strengthening also the company's ESG ambition. CG is used effectively to illustrate the process from “non recyclables” to the new technology that enable 100% recyclable foam to finished product. A concise narration together with the content is able to efficiently convey the company's circular solution and the concept “New origins of sustainability”. At the end of the video, we tied it back to the brand's philosophy - "Great things, Small Beginnings" - promising a bright and sustainable future that is the company’s belief.


Focusing on Formosa Plastics' next-generation 100% recycled foam raw materials with the concept of "sustainable new origin", it breaks the public's impression of plastics, presents the characteristics and future of new raw materials, strengthens the company's ESG image, and uses dynamic special effects to interpret the process from manufacturing to recycling. The process, combined with the narrative method of refined copywriting, quickly explains in a short period of time the circular solution from the non-recyclable in the past to "next-generation technology > 100% recycling > more economical > remanufacturing", to rebate the concept of "sustainable new origin", and at the same time At the end, the visual echoes the brand Great things, Small Beginnings originates from the small, creates a beautiful concept, and brings out the sustainable image of a bright future.



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