Spring Thunder Logo Animation

Created: 2016
Client: Spring Thunder



In 2016, JL DESIGN created an animated logo for Spring Thunder Entertainment, the production company for the film, Our Times. The company prides itself on its youthful vitality and originality, and the creative concept reflects the brand name: In the resounding spring thunderstorm is creativity reborn. The metallic wind-powered art installation is an interpretation of the heavy rain that follows the thunder in spring, which causes the metal flower to bloom. Each layer in the mechanical structure demonstrates the infinite vitality and the amazing original content produced by the company.


JL DESIGN created an animated logo for Spring Thunder Entertainment, the film producer of Our Times. The goal was to create a delicate interpretation of the spring thunderstorm that is the namesake of the company to represent its endless creativity.


When it came to the motion design for the company, we deconstructed and then reinterpreted the image of Spring Thunder using the flow and expansion of the metallic wind-driven art installation. From the body of the cloud to the heavy rain that follows the lightning to the metal flower blooming, each layer of the mechanical structure represents the thousands of gestures bursting with vitality. This symbolises the brand’s core: In the area of original dramas, the creative spark is never-ending.


Using careful and exquisite motion design, JL DESIGN’s interpretation linked the brand name and image with the metallic wind-driven installation. Using the light and shadow between each layer of the mechanical structure, an outline of the core image and meaning of the brand is created. We used an art installation, rarely seen in the Sinophone filmmaking world, to show the unique position of this film production company.



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