A Netflix Original: Light the Night

Created: 2021-2022




Light the Night is 2021's most anticipated Mandarin-speaking original TV series. Set in the retro, fashionable, mysterious and risky hostess club in the 80s, the suspense drama is filled with mystery, romance, violence and plot twists.


Based on the story highlights of each season, we played with the different graphic elements and rearranged the layout to create enticing artworks for the platform that conform to Netflix's distinctive branding.


Typeface design

Inspired by the match box of the Light Club, we added elements of light to the typeface and created a vintage vibe of a high-class nightclub from the 80s.


Season 1: The Attractive Hostesses

This season focused on the Light Club, a Japanese styled bar run by two Madams, together with the attractive hostesses, depicting the life of those who struggled in life, love, and pursuit of their dreams. When creating the artworks, we took into consideration the different sizing or formats of the different platforms, as such the characters or other visual elements were designed to be adaptable in usage.


Highlights from Season 1

Season 2: A New Madam

Sugar Club's Madam Baby was one of the most highly-anticipated characters in Season 2. Her strong debut is seen in the excited expression of the audience used for the background of the visual. Shaping the third gender Madam's unique traits and charm with several close-ups of hers, her feminine charms portrayed through the swinging tassels and her shapely figure showed how she is a force of nature.

Highlights from Season 2

Season 3: The Truth

"A suspicious vehicle sped by on a typhoon day, hit the witness and drove off." We brought together key scenes from all three seasons and put the pictures of the suspects on leaflets that were tossed out in a thunder storm, to recreate the suspenseful mood of the drama.

In terms of the arrangement of artworks, we chose a format that can be vertically unfolded. At first, on the vertical canvas, only the main charactes can be seen. As users scroll down the page, the canvas automatically unfolds and turns into a horizontal one, showcasing the murderer's secret actions in the darkness as a visual surprise for the audience.

Highlights from Season 3




Graphic Design

Digital Design

Pili Legend’s Su Huan-Jen Film Poster

Netflix Licensed & Original Content

Artwork crafted for one of the world’s leading entertainment services.

Artwork crafted for one of the world’s leading entertainment services.

Netflix Licensed & Original Content

Artwork crafted for one of the world’s leading entertainment services.