Netflix Licensed & Original Content

Created: 2017-2022
Client: Netflix



JL DESIGN has created numerous visual content for Netflix since 2017. With diverse design strategies, we help to attract target audiences by translating features of the films or dramas into eye-catching visuals. Conveying different vibes delivered by the works and creating mesmerising experience for users, we make the interface beautiful, organised, and attractive.


We have created numerous graphic designs for different Netflix videos since 2017, including the thumbnails, styleframes, typography design, and other complementary visuals. We aimed to attract target audiences and increase views on the platform by delivering the vibe of the films or dramas as well as the bond shared between characters. Using different design strategies, we customise different visuals across different interfaces and produce vibrant design pieces.


We create visuals for dramas of different languages, genres, and plots – romance, family, conflict, action, and thrillers. Using colours, post-production, and a variety of design techniques to portray different stories and relationships shared by characters, we deliver mesmerising experience for users through our designs.


JL DESIGN has worked with Netflix for more than five years, applying diverse design strategies to concisely convey the films’ vibe, create interesting fonts and visual effect, and present a beautiful and neat interface that attracts users and arouse curiosity.



Graphic Design

Pili Legend’s Su Huan-Jen Film Poster

A Netflix Original: Light the Night

A Netflix Original: Light the Night