Legle Asia Website

Created: 2017
Client: Legle France



Legle is a century-old tableware brand from France. 2017 marked the first time it attempted to communicate the brand's new era of elegance and relauched its website to the Asian market. The goal of the new website was to allow users to get a feel for the brand, so we used vibrant colours and naigation grids to deliver a key brand experience for its customers. Featuring key players in the food and beverage industry, we wanted the brand’s customers to access extensive product details and manufacturing methods through the digital interface, as well as to enjoy customised products and services. The website also featured a special excerpt from the creative plan for the revival of Chinese food culture – The Ruyi Banquet – which traces its origin to the traditional food rituals of China, and which puts a new spin on top-of-the-line food and utensils.


In 2017, a new website was created for the century-old French tableware brand Legle, with the goal of presenting the brand's strong commitment to gastronomy, as well as its delicate and luxurious image. Gourmet food has grown to an important platform demonstrating the art and techniques proopelled by the latest technological trends. Therefore, a digital interface would provide an opportunity to link traditional and modern styles, giving Legle a platform to showcase its brand image.


The overall website was designed to feel concise and elegant, and the grid system for navigation offers a beautiful, clean, and modern digital experience. The website was to offer an iconic brand experience, so it highlights the most important players in the food and beverage industry: celebrity chefs, five-star hotels, and Michelin-star restaurants. The virtual space provides users the opportunity to closely examine product details and manufacturing methods, as well as to enjoy customised products and services. The website also features a special excerpt from the creative plan for the revival of Chinese food culture, The Ruyi Banquet, which traces its origins to the classic food rituals of China. The banquet can be found at six five-star hotels across Asia, and is a union of high-end and local ingredients, creating the ultimate showcase of food and utensils.


The brand’s website was designed to allow users to experience and get a feel for the brand’s image of luxury, elegance, fashion and vitality through the use of vibrant colours and a grid system of navigation. A comprehensive website design was used to create a richly vibrant brand experience and covey the relationship between consumers and food, leveraging technology to inspire imagination. Technology has added an extra layer to the delicate sensory perception of food and beverage, and the digital platform is a reminder of the longing that people have for great food and various other feelings. In doing so, the platform serves to create possibilities for communication and inspire creativity.



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