2023 18th KKBOX Music Awards|Annual Creative Theme and Design Coordination

Created: 2023
Client: KKBOX



The 18th KKBOX Music Awards underwent a complete redesign, with JL DESIGN focusing on KKBOX's uniqueness and musical spirit. We planned the annual creative theme and promotional strategy, aiming to deepen the connection between the brand and the Mandarin music audience. The goal was to create a fresh and innovative experience, reestablish connections among musicians, listeners, and the platform, ultimately fostering a shared appreciation for music.


- Announce the launch of the new KKBOX Music Awards and the Top 100 Chart-Topping Artists. - Establish the annual creative theme and visual system for this edition of the KKBOX Music Awards. - Expand interactive experiences for the brand's audience, connecting platform promotions and marketing efforts.


"Whenever, Music Matters." Connecting audiences, musicians, and KKBOX

KKBOX, the influential music streaming brand in Asia, embraces the annual concept “Whenever, Music Matters.” This concept reimagines the close relationship between music and life, emphasizing that KKBOX is not just a music platform but a recorder of listeners' clicks and countless moments. We, at the 18th Chart Awards, transform these clicks and melodies into myriad shared life experiences, connecting with the “Top 100 Artists.” We unfold the diverse styles, emotions, and stories brought by music with the central theme "A hundred melodies, a hundred lives," aiming to broaden KKBOX's music experience and open up more realms of imagination.

Integrating multiple stages of production to create the most suitable creative solution.

JL, starting from textual to visual creativity, establishes an intuitive communication language, using the letter “K” as the starting point. Through continuous “unboxing," they design the key visual, advertising billboards, and plan social media content, capturing various facets within music. We integrate different professional teams to connect the project more comprehensively. Collaborating with Block Studio, they create fan interactive experiences on the website, while MixCode is responsible for the packaging and stage design of the Music Awards ceremony.

The KKBOX Music Awards are more than just a list; they represent the interactive cross-media presence of KKBOX.

The 2023 KKBOX Music Awards is not just a concert but a diverse music program throughout the entire year, making "Whenever, Music Matters." the driving force behind the brand's multi-faceted marketing approach. JL, from strategic positioning, creative concepts, visual solutions, to planning and managing collaborations with third parties, deepens brand communication. This approach provides maximum flexibility for extended engagement, allowing the client to bring fans, musicians, and KKBOX into dialogue effectively. It seamlessly extends promotional activities, curated playlists, and ceremony content, showcasing KKBOX Music Awards' ambitious transformation.

Key Visual Design

Expanding the KKBOX Music Awards into a gateway for diverse content, using KKBOX's “K” to construct limitless imagination, transforming it into various shapes and colors. Additionally, creating diverse hand-drawn and track elements, presenting a hundred facets of life and sensory experiences within music.

Application Design

Social Media Motion and Visual Planning

Integrating motion graphic requirements, we crafted the initial promotional plan for the client, setting it as an example for extended applications.

Block Studio x JL|Website Design

Top 100 Artists・100 Hit Songs・10000+ of Music Stories Created

Collaborating with the platform, JL jointly showcases website experiential content and narratives. With "A hundred melodies, a hundred lives” as the core, they invite fans to create their own musical emotions, expanding the interaction between KKBOX, artists, and fans through music online.

MixCode x JL|Visual System Collaboration, Ceremony Packaging Design

From motion graphics to interactive website stickers design, MixCode continuously collaborates with JL to establish the visual identity of this year's KKBOX Music Awards. Ultimately, returning to the large-scale interaction at the ceremony, they persistently incorporate the “K” element in the ceremony packaging, constantly transforming it to seamlessly connect the concept across various touchpoints.



Branding Identity


Film & Motion Graphics

Digital Design

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