KINGSTEEL|PARAMANIA Platform Visual Design

Created: 2023



Following the previous collaboration between JL DESIGN and KINGSTEEL, where they crafted the visual identity of NexCell®'s next-generation products, this year they join forces once again to create the visual design for the extended product - PARAMANIA data platform. By establishing a consistent visual language, the goal is to highlight the brand's extensive database and evoke anticipation among partners for the PARAMANIA data platform website.


▎Through the interpretation of data visualization, KINGSTEEL and its collaborators unlock the imaginative space for the KINGSTEEL PARAMANIA cloud-based database. ▎Utilizing the PARAMANIA dynamic key visual, KINGSTEEL showcases its highly proficient mastery of NexCell® related data. ▎Extending from the key visual, designs for website visuals, social media materials, and more are crafted, establishing a comprehensive external image for PARAMANIA.

NexCell® PARAMANIA Key Visual Motion


The PARAMANIA data website platform is an extension service of KINGSTEEL's NexCell®. KINGSTEEL extracts and consolidates data sets of materials and machines from its extensive database. This not only accelerates the matchmaking process between raw material suppliers and customers but also reduces the testing time for developing products. It amplifies the advantages of choosing KINGSTEEL's NexCell® process for our collaborative partners. We extend from the image of NexCell® to design the dynamic main visual for PARAMANIA, distinguishing it from the established impression of cold digital technology. This time, we present the database with a bright and transparent structure, allowing the audience to feel KINGSTEEL's enthusiasm for data. The dynamic presentation comprehensively showcases the process and results of filtering and organizing large datasets, not only aiding in understanding the product content but also visually guiding partners into the macro data world of NexCell® PARAMANIA with an eye-catching appeal.

NexCell® PARAMANIA Website Visual Design

Incorporating the comprehensive brand personality of KINGSTEEL and the product image of NexCell®, we have extended the visual design of the website from the brand's auxiliary graphics and the main colors of the products. We skillfully integrate these elements into the user interface, ensuring a consistent visual tone across the platform.

NexCell® PARAMANIA Application Design



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