King Steel Machinery NexCell® | Brand Product Video & Application Design

Created: 2022
Client: King Steel Machinery



King Steel unveiled its brand-new, next-generation technology NexCell® at K Show, the largest international plastics and rubber trade fair held in Düsseldorf. Working closely with King Steel, JL DESIGN developed the overall visual for NexCell®, from concept videos to various marketing needs, establishing a clean, futuristic look for its image, in line with their aim at global sustainability, and strengthening King Steel's influence and contribution within the industry.


- Help King Steel to refresh their image to better communicate the brand in a fast paced industry. - Reinforcing King Steel’s clients’ trust in the new technology and fueling their imagination when addressing the global ESG requirements. - Meeting K Show's requirements for the exhibition and providing materials for future product marketing.

NexCell® Concept Video


As a manufacturer of foam elastomer and industrial elastomer injection foaming equipments, King Steel's footwear manufacturing equipments account for 80% of the global market. Addressing the needs for sustainability and future industry trends, King Steel unveiled its next-generation technology NexCell® at the international trade fair, K Show, an innovative driver of the industry. With “Nature X Future” as the core concept, King Steel showcased how it replaced traditional chemical foam forming with physical foaming to deliver a 100% recyclable and zero-waste recycling process, an innovative solution for the industry. With "renewal" as the theme for the product video, JL DESIGN associates nature's self-sustaining cycle with NexCell®’s core concept and the different stages of the new process. Real-life footages featuring the characteristics of nature mingled with CG rendering of the foam forming process to visually reflect "Nature X Future”; fortifying the professional, reliable, and forward-thinking image of NexCell® and helping King Steel to demonstrate the features of its new technology.

Application Design

In charge of the overall planning of King Steel's K Show booth, we crafted visuals to grab eyeballs in a crowded fair and provide materials for various offline and online marketing needs. We helped to establish the image of NexCell® for future usage, and enhanced King Steel’s brand name, setting the tone and visual language for further iteration.




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