Jungle Voice Program Package

Created: 2018
Client: Jungle Voice



Jungle Voice, a new generation Taiwanese talent competition, draws on the wildness of nature and pits songwriters against each other, with music being their weapon, in order to unleash their limitless potential. JL DESIGN planned the overall programme identity for Jungle Voice using the concepts of wild nature, competition elimination, and actual sound. As for visuals, we captured the claw-marked bones of wild animals and jungle vines, breaking the mould of past talent shows in terms of layout and materials, with every stroke and visual elements portraying the power of sound.


In the early 2000s, the singing competitions were incredibly popular in Taiwan. Nearly ten years after the height of its popularity, Wildfire Entertainment began to make preparations to produce Jungle Voice in 2018, hoping to break out of the previously established mould for talent shows. It came up with a new format, bringing an all-new competition system and programme content to the audience and giving the programme a different feel. In this sense, our programme package adds an element of wildness to the show, depicting the story of this jungle with novel and eye-catching visual methods, in hopes of bringing unique, new designs to the new generation of talent competitions.


Jungle Voice is a new generation Taiwanese talent competition. The creators used music as a weapon, and we used the concept of wild nature to show survival in the competition and to present how the programme stimulates contestants’ unlimited potential. The goal was to break away from the audience's long-established expectations of what constitutes a talent competition. The creative elements of the programme were based on the concept of wild nature, competition for survival, and actual sound. The visual images took the form of claw marks and jungles, and was expressed with contrasting colour blocks, symbolising that music is both a source of great power and a source of comfort to people. This dual characteristic of music nurtures music talent on a new musical stage in the lush tropical jungle.


The identity design fully represents the various aspects of the programme and brings the audience a brand-new visual and sensory experience. The package breaks away from concrete elements of visual designs and sets a new visual benchmark for the design of Taiwanese TV shows.



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Chen Linong "Masterpiece" Music Video

Chen Linong "Masterpiece" Music Video