JORDAN - Court Zero Video Campaign

Created: 2016
Client: JORDAN



Jordan: Court Zero was a digital promotional video jointly created in 2016 by JL DESIGN and AKQA for NBA star Russell Westbrook's visit to China. In Court Zero, the players broke conventions, surmounted obstacles, pushed their limits, and threw everything that they had, emerging victorious. The elements that make up the court transformed into strongest opponents the players have ever faced. The players broke through their line of defence, defied challenges, and became the next challenge themselves.


In 2016, JL DESIGN collaborated with AKQA to create a digital promo video for NBA star Russell Westbrook, who was visiting China. The goal was to present the strong sportsmanship in Court Zero through the dynamic visual presentation, showing the core message of breaking limitations, overcoming obstacles, and pushing limits to achieve victory.


We translated the visual elements that make up the court into images of the strongest possible opponents. The viewer experiences, from a first-person perspective, the player's motions in breaking through the defence and overcoming challenges on the court. This conveys the player's core philosophy of giving it their all to obtain victory.


Through this digital promo video collaborating with AKQA, JL DESIGN presented the spirit of NBA star Russell Westbrook's visit to China by creating an intense and fluid dynamic visual presentation that conveys the most important elements of sportsmanship in Court Zero: breaking through obstacles and pushing the limits.




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