Home Elegance Commercial

Created: 2015
Client: Home Elegance



The American brand Home Elegance provides a large array of options for home decor and furniture with a variety of styles, while InspireQ aims to provide consumers with the best solutions for home decoration. With these in mind, JL DESIGN produced four humorous and fast-paced advertisements for the American market. We created ads that used light and relaxed American humour to ensure InspireQ would be able to make an impression on consumers and become their number one choice when it comes to home decoration.


The goal of the four advertisements was to make an impression on American consumers and convey the core concept of the brand: to provide an array of household furnishing choices. By extension, the goal was to communicate to consumers that InspireQ is able to solve the various problems consumers encounter when decorating their homes.


JL DESIGN set different themes for the four advertisements, and they are: ideas, family, budget, and understanding. For the ad speaking of “ideas”, the message was as long as one goes for InspireQ, there is no need to worry about lacking design ideas. in the ad, two couples with entirely different styles talks to the designers, and their dialogue results in funny and bewildering situations. The contradictory plot conveys the message of InspireQ: with countless home style matching options, having no idea might actually be a good idea. The “family” chapter focused on the variety of options that InspireQ provides. Even if every family member had a different opinion, the brand would still be able to meet everyone's needs. The exaggerated and humorous plot highlighted that as long as one goes for InspireQ, family members having different opinions is not a cause for concern. Rather, family members can choose to their hearts’ content. The ad on “budget” emphasized the value for money of InspireQ’s products. Consumers are often worried about pricey design fees. A beautifully designed home is always very desirable but also comes with the worry about the high fees of professional designers. Therefore, we came up with a humorous plot that challenged the common sense: As long as one goes for InspireQ, there is no need to worry about design costs. The “understanding” advertisement describes a key characteristic of InspireQ: designers who understand consumers. There will be many amazing ideas when choosing a home design, but when relaying these to the designer, they may not be fully understood. By cleverly switching the perspectives in the advertisement, the two main characters finally appear on screen together at the end of the video, revealing that they are actually twins who perfectly understand each other. The following concept was communicated through a surreal and witty plot: If one cannot find a designer who understands them, InspireQ is the perfect choice.

No Idea - InspireQ, no idea is a good idea

Some home owners may have no idea where to start and this can lead to frustrating situations. But at InspireQ, even if you have no idea, it is of little concern to us, simply because, with the extensive designs, any home owners can mix and match to their heart’s content. The interior designers definitely agree. Come to InspireQ, no idea is a good place to start.

Family - InspiredQ, no ideas too many

Home is where the heart is and family is home. Except when everyone has their idea of how the home should look like, things might start to fall apart. But at InspireQ, your family can have many differing views as we can fulfil everyone’s wishes. So come to InspireQ, no ideas are too many.

No Budget - InspireQ, no budget too small

The ideal interior design seems to cost a fortune, especially if you peruse fancy home decor magazines with fantastical decoration. But at InspireQ, cost is the least of your worry, as you can mix and match at will from the extensive catalogue that the line offers; so when the interior designer deadpans, “I am not charging you” to the home owner, he is being dead serious. If you are worried about the budget, come to InspireQ.

One Mind - InspireQ, knows your design

When it comes to decorating a home, it can become overwhelming and the perfect plan may be hard to articulate even to the interior designer. But at InspireQ, the interior designer listens and understands all the needs of the home owner, in fact, it appears they are of one mind. Not only that, they even look like the same person - a humorous portrayal to emphasis that If you cannot find an interior designer that knows you, come to InspireQ.


The core advantages of the brand were communicated through the four advertisements that incorporated American humour for a light-hearted and funny performance. The advantages are: having myriad choices, the budget advantage, resolving communication issues, and solving problems for consumers. The advertisements communicated the message in a lively and vivid way, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.




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