Grace Han Brand Video

Created: 2019
Client: Grace Han



Grace Han is a Taiwanese cutting-edge designer brand of leather goods, which are only available for sale in their flagship store in London. Basing its designs on Grace Han’s high-end feel and unique image, as well as the brand’s unique leather-making technology "signature pleats", JL DESIGN created an exclusive language of images for the brand and drew attention to the meticulousness and ingenuity that goes into Grace Han’s hand-made items. The footages filmed in the studio, coupled with little dancing irons decorated with ballet elements, highlight the exquisite and elegant image of Grace Han's boutique handbags, which are brought to life by irons in the hands of skillful craftspeople.


Grace Han is a boutique fashion brand specialising in leather goods and is run by a Taiwan’s cutting-edge designer. The brand’s products are only available for sale in their flagship store in London, UK. JL DESIGN created a brand video that matches Grace Han’s unique, high-end features and covers its logo animation, inspirational designs, and hand-made processes. The goal was to present the cutting-edge creativity that is unique to the brand to the European audience, given that it is a new brand without the long history and craftsmanship of European leather goods. At the end, we managed to create an exclusive, eye-catching visual language for Grace Han in the videos.


The concept draws on Grace Han's unique "signature pleats" leather-making technology, and tells the brand’s story through three videos about logo animation, its inspiration, and the craftsmanship. The first video featuring the animated logo shows the folding motion of the pleats. As for the one about inspiration, it explains the ideas behind "signature pleats", which was not only derived from the calligraphic works created by the founder’s mother but also inspired by turns and pirouettes in ballet. The soft and gentle postures of these two activities were, in fact, both suported by unwavering strength. Finally, the video illustrating craftsmanship emphasises the important role of irons in the pleat-making processes. The footages filmed in the designer’s studio coupled with digitally rendered dancing irons, decorated with ballet elements, present the irons as craftspeople’s faithful partners, and from their union, Grace Han leather handbags are born.

Logo Animation

Inspiration Video



The animated design captures the brand’s elegance, and creative methods were used to grab people’s attention as the new brand was just launched. The interweaving of dynamic and static, softness and rigidity in the videos helped Grace Han create an elegant feel and aristocratic flair for the new generation of young women.




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