Created: 2022
Client: 美好金融



Planning by Good Finance , JL co-ordinated the planning, and jointly launched a series of animations of ten lessons on financial concepts created for everyone in 3 minutes each time. Let everyone know that finance is a tool that can truly be used by everyone. In the first episode, we started with the characteristics of money: depreciation and compound interest. Only by understanding the essence can money be used for us.


Financial Quotient + is a series of animated videos with a total of 10 episodes: "Characteristics of Money", "Everyone is a Born Billionaire", "What is Investment", "What is Asset Allocation", "What is Stock", " Short-term stock price cannot be expected”, “Investment is to participate in productivity and value creation”, “What is the risk”, “What is the cycle”, “How to find a good company”. In addition to setting the story script and style according to the different content of each episode, it is also necessary to clearly convey complex financial concepts with short animations.


"EPISODE 8 - What are the risks?"

Investing is like going through a series of risk analysis challenges. The eighth episode of "FQ+" uses the perspective of a spy to show how to avoid these checkpoints gracefully. The three kinds of risks, and how to judge their own risk tolerance, so that everyone can face these challenges calmly like a spy!

"EPISODE 7 - Stock Investing: Participating in Productivity and Value Creation"

The seventh episode of "Financial Knowledge +" uses the characteristics of cats who are good at climbing trees and dogs who are good at swimming as an example of the division of labor. Visually, the method of dividing the screen is also used to make the selection of division of labor and the comparison of output value more intuitive in interpretation. . To illustrate how enterprises can improve social productivity and create value through professional division of labor. Finally, we turned several influential entrepreneurs into anthropomorphic animals, let's find out who they are!

"EPISODE 6 - Short-term stock price is unpredictable?"

Short-term stock prices are constantly changing like water waves, so the sixth episode of "FQ+" uses ducklings floating on the water to bring out turbulent stock price line charts, and chooses the style of childlike illustrations to explain why short-term stock prices are unpredictable. The duckling representing the company also uses exaggerated movements and different appearances to illustrate the small steps of choosing a good company and a good entrepreneur.

"EPISODE 5 - What is a Stock?"

Starting with the adventure of the big voyage as the narrative, bring out the history of the stock in the fifth episode, and choose the paper-cut style and composite media to truly present the birth of the first stock, and then use the dynamic dynamic to show the spirit of adventure, one step to the audience. Step by step to explain the origin of stock investment, and how to support the dream of adventure kings and entrepreneurs through stocks.

"EPISODE 4 - What is Asset Allocation?"

This episode conveys the core concept of asset allocation in the fourth episode through the experience of investment guru Warren Buffett. Buffett bought a pinball table and set up a company when he was nine years old. Therefore, he chose pinball table and neon as visual elements, and combined three kinds of assets. Each type is likened to a pinball table, allowing asset allocation to be presented to the audience in a more playful way.

"EPISODE 3 - Everyone is a Billionaire"

In order to explain the relationship between time and compound interest in investment, the third episode visualizes time and sets the scene to travel through time and space. Through the personification of time and compound interest, time and compound interest are narrated in a pleasing and neutral role. The relationship shows that everyone is a born billionaire!

"EPISODE 2 - What is Investment?"

The content of the second episode begins with the story of Akkad, the richest man in Babylon. In order to break the gap between the public and financial knowledge, the director chose the exquisite ancient civilization as the art style, and added elements such as murals, magic, and Yu-Gi-Oh to create an ancient The mystery of civilization, like a historical storybook, leads the audience into the world of investment.

"EPISODE 1 - The Properties of Money: Devaluation, Compounding"

The first episode uses the common plot options of adventure games, and uses 8bit visual style and dynamics to introduce that money has two personalities: depreciation and compound interest. This film opens the first chapter of understanding the financial world, explaining that different choices in finance will bring The concept of very different outcomes.



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