FQ+ Animated Video Series

Created: 2022
Client: Good Finance



Good Finance planned to create a series of videos to enhance the general public's financial quotient, so it partnered with JL DESIGN to develop ten episodes of "FQ+" animation. Together, we aimed popularise the idea that financial tools can truly be of use for everyone, but it takes us to understand the nature of money – depreciation and compound interest – to put such tools into good use, so that's what we introduced to the audience in the first episode.


FQ+ is an animated video series spanning 10 episodes: "The Nature of Money", "What is Investing?", "We are All Born Billionaires", "What is Asset Allocation?", "What are Stocks?", "The Unpredictability of Short-term Stock Prices", "Investment: A Tool for Productivity and Value Creation", "What are Cycles?", "What is Risk?", and "Finding Worthwhile Companies". The scripts and style had to be varied according to the content covered in each episode. Additionally, the complex financial concepts covered were conveyed using short animated videos.


" EPISODE 10 - How To Find Reliable Companies "

The tenth episode of "FQ+" reveals the secrets to finding reliable companies to invest in. Businesses are portrayed as icebergs floating on the sea in this episode, and we have to dive into the sea of wonder and learn to identify the six indicators that can help to pick out reliable companies. Entrepreneurship, vision, business model, long-term capital, team and innovation capability are the six indicators to help investors identify companies that have the potential to be the star of the future from the huge pool in the investment market.

" EPISODE 9 - What Are Cycles? "

In the ninth episode of "FQ+", seasonal food and flavor are used to explain the economic cycles that are observed in the market. The launch of weird, new flavors of pizza featuring coriander, pig's blood cake and mixed vegetables exemplifies the concept of product life cycle including tests, launch and growth. Each time a company launches a new product, a new economic cycle is created. Understanding such cycles can help investors make better investment decisions.

" EPISODE 8 - What Is Risk? "

Investing is like going through a series of risk assessment. The eighth episode of "FQ+" shows how to tackle these challenges elegantly from the perspective of a spy. Blocks of red and blue combined with hard lines to explain the three kinds of risk seen in the financial market and how to assess one's own risk tolerance. Armed with these skills, anyone will be able to face these challenges with poise and grace, just like a spy!

" EPISODE 7 - “Investment Generates Productivity And Creates Value "

The seventh episode of "FQ+" draws on how cats excel at climbing trees and dogs excel at swimming to exemplify how division of labor works. The screen is divided into panels to visualize the difference in productivity and value, making the decision for the division of labor more explicitly. It also explains how companies can improve productivity and create value for society as a whole through proper division of work. At the end of the episode, different animal characters are influential entrepreneurs personified. See if you can figure out who they are!

" EPISODE 6 — The Unpredictability Of Short-term Stock Prices "

Short-term stock prices are as volatile as ocean waves, so the sixth episode of "FQ+" borrows the image of a duckling floating on water to depict the turbulence of stock price charts. An illustration style mimicking children’s art was used to explain why short-term stock prices cannot be predicted. The exaggerated movements and distinct appearance of the duckling helped to make the explanation of how to recognize a reliable company more memorable.

" EPISODE 5 — What Are Stocks? "

Using the grand voyages during the Age of Discovery as a theme to introduce the history of stocks, the fifth episode of "FQ+" utilizes paper cut-outs and mixed media to bring to life the creation of the first stock. The origin of stock investment is told in excitable tone to express how stocks can be used to support the dreams of adventurers and entrepreneurs.

" EPISODE 4 — What Is Asset Allocation? "

The fourth episode of "FQ+" explores the key concept of asset allocation through the experience of legendary investor Warren Buffett. Buffett bought a pinball machine and set up a company when he was nine years old, so pinball machines and neon lights became the visual elements for this episode. Three asset types were portrayed as three pinball machines, allowing information on asset allocation to be presented in an interesting and easily digestible format.

" EPISODE 3 — We Are All Born Billionaires "

In order to explain what time and compound interest mean for an investment, the third episode of "FQ+" personified time and compound interest in space. Time and compound interest became cute gender-neutral characters that talked about their relationship, proving that everyone is indeed born a billionaire!

" EPISODE 2 — What Is Investment About? "

The second episode of "FQ +" begins with the story of Arkad, the richest man in Babylon. In order to make the financial concept more familiar, the director used the elaborated style of ancient civilization, with elements such as murals and mystique, to engage the viewer and drawing them into the a story about investing.

" EPISODE 1 — The Nature Of Money "

Good Finance’s aim of initiating the "FQ+" series is to present complex financial concepts to the public using interesting animated storyline. The first episode’s storyline is like that of an adventure game, presented in an 8-bit animation style to explain what is depreciation and compound interest. The first episode is an introduction into the world of finance, how the choices we make can make a real difference to our finances.



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