FOX Classics (Japan) Channel Branding

Created: 2015
Client: FOX Classics



JL DESIGN was tasked with creating the channel identification and channel package for the Japanese channel FOX Classics in 2015. FOX Classics was an all-new channel aimed at Japanese audience members who are familiar with popular American dramas of the 80s and 90s. The design concept was centred around the aim of visually connecting the audiences with the good old days, representing the low-key, classic elegance with a modern visual style.


The goal of the design was to highlight the channel's unique feature – Popular American dramas from the 80s and 90s make up the main theme. The visual style of the channel evokes the beauty of Hollywood's golden age, and offers the audiences a contemporary feel to the channel’s classic content.


We utilized neon signposts to bring viewers back to the golden age of Hollywood and as a medium of information. We also represented its low-key elegance with a modern visual style. In the ident video, we focused on three themes based on the television genres the channel broadcasts: action, science fiction, and romantic comedy. The neon installations in each ident is filled with distinctive elements of the respective theme.

FOX Classics Ident - SUSPENSE

FOX Classics Ident - ROMANCE

FOX Classics Ident - ACTION

Package Montage


JL DESIGN used modern visual techniques to evoke new feelings to classic nostalgic themes. Neon elements are a connection to the channel's unique content, as well as a medium of information. Our design represented low-key elegance, and our creative storytelling made people sit up and take note. The project won the Gold Prize of the Best On-Air Ident issued by PromaxBDA Asia, the global channel package award, in 2016.



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