FEDS XinYi A13

Created: 2020
Client: Far Eastern Department Stores Co. Ltd



JL DESIGN was invited by FEDS XinYi A13 to create visuals for its huge amount of LED screens installed in the shopping mall, helping the department store to present the rich and unique shopping experiences it offers in Taipei’s CBD. With the use of magnifiers, we built “Curiosity Labs” featuring the spatial structures of and products sold at each store, and created vivid videos to attract customers. Our designs allowed people to explore each of the tiny universe in the mall and project their imagination for the shopping mall of the future.


FEDS XinYi A13 was a newly opened retailer in Xinyi District, aiming to deliver rich and unique shopping experiences through its designs. A great number of LED screens were installed in the mall to create the first-of-its-kind shopping experiences. The department store then invited JL DESIGN to craft visuals for these LED screens in 2020 so that it could build the shopping mall of the future, presenting to the public a brand-new space with unique visual designs.


Coming up with the theme of “Curiosity Labs”, we creatively explored everyone’s curious mind so that they could start to fancy something different. We showed visitors a brand-new perspective to look at the ordinary life – the most breath-taking scene exist in their everyday lives. Using magnifiers to pair with themes and spatial structures of each storey, we made every LED screen a tiny universe coming with its own unique narrative.

Elevator Lobby

1F Concierge

B2 Elevator Lobby

4F Dining Hall

B2 Info Desk

Back Facade



Using animated designs to attract customers, we began with objects found in everyday life and mixed together spatial structures and perspectives to create brand-new lifestyles for customers to expect and explore. Together with its floor plans and LED screens, we created the shopping mall of the future for the retailer to deliver innovative shopping experiences featuring amazing visual designs.



Digital Design


ASUS Zenbook Pro|Brand Product Launch Campaign

ASUS Zenbook Pro|Brand Product Launch Campaign