Evergreen’s 50th Anniversary Event

Created: 2018
Client: EVERGREEN international Corp.



JL DESIGN produced a corporate video and key visual design to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Evergreen Group, a leading company in Taiwan. We created the key visual by combing through its development history, honing down the value of the brand, and then coming up with the catchphrase: “Full Steam Ahead”. The corporate video incorporates diverse elements such as live action footage and motion graphics to further illustrate the spirit conveyed by the 50th anniversary logo,wildly impressing participants at the celebration party.


Different from traditional introduction videos, JL DESIGN produced a corporate video celebrating the 50th anniversary of Evergreen Group by aiming at delivering the company’s core values and its highly meaningful history. As for the key visual, we translate the brand’s history, values, purposes, and hard working mindset into the logo design and its applications.JL DESIGN expected to impress the event participants with brand-new visuals while helping old customers to identify and continue their support.


JL DESIGN combed through Evergreen Group’s development history and honed down the values of the brand: “Full Steam Ahead”. Based on the founder’s belief and Evergreen Marine Corporation’s purposes, we used waves and gradients to symbolise the group’s different businesses and their convergence. The compass in the 50th anniversary icon illustrated Evergreen’s strength and will to persevere and advance based on its solid foundation. We created a video to further illustrate the concept behind the 50th anniversary logo. Dividing the video into four sections – starting point, history, today, and the future – we used a compass to convey the guideline Evergreen has been upholding for years, which is to stick to its original intent. JL DESIGN brought together diverse visual elements including live action footage, motion graphics, and historical images to showcase the group’s achievement in 50 years.

Corporate Video

Key Visual Design


The 50th anniversary key visual and corporate video both illustrated a comprehensive, detailed development history as well as the core values of Evergreen Group. Played on the celebration party, the visuals impressed all the viewers with the brand spirit and invited them to look ahead along with Evergreen Group.



Branding Identity

Graphic Design

Film & Motion Graphics


FEDS XinYi A13

FEDS XinYi A13