Disney Junior Ident

Created: 2013, 2014, 2015
Client: Disney Junior



From 2013 to 2016, three series of channel idents were successively created for the Disney Junior programme of the Disney Channel. The goal was to present the lively atmosphere of the shows. Three different series of themes that all cleverly reflect the channel’s identity were used, encompassing the mission of Disney Junior: Encouraging children to explore the world and develop their creativity through their rich imagination – Wonders start here.


Three channel idents were successively created for the three Disney Junior programme series of the Disney Channel beginning in 2013. The goal was to create lively, easily recognisable, and eye-catching markers of channel identity that could accurately express the channel’s features and bring visual tension to the programmes. Disney Junior is designed for children aged 3 to 7, and its lively and inspiring content provides a real-life context for learning, as well as encourages children to sing, play and be creative.


In 2013, the channel’s features and slogan "Wonders start here" served as the creative base of 6 ident videos, in which the first-person perspective of a child was adopted to explore the wonders of the world through one single shot. The Disney Junior logo was reinterpreted through new materials, and a new look was created to emphasise the unbridled creativity of Disney Junior and that “Wonders start here”. In 2014, three idents were launched, using the same first-person perspective of the previous year, combining the unbridled imagination that children have when they explore the world and the landscape of Taiwan to show the curiosity of children. 12 idents were created in 2016 to present different scenes representing each month in Taiwan, using crafts that are familiar to most children, including origami, collage, and colour painting. Each of these videos reproduced the seasonal scenes and objects of daily life that are found in Taiwan. The art pieces were produced in collaboration with elementary school students taking art classes. Together, we created hand-made landscapes exclusive to Taiwan that people see in each of the 12 months.





The three series are different but they form a coherent link that cleverly reflects the channel’s characteristics, creating a unique visual language and establishing strong identity symbols for Disney. Disney Junior’s mission, which was to encourage children to explore the world and develop their creativity with unbridled imagination, was presented across various aspects in a lively and vivid way: Wonders start here.



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