2015 Creative Expo Taiwan

Created: 2015
Client: Ministry of Culture



For the 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan that showcased cultural industrials in Taiwan, the projection mapping video created for the installation resembled a river, titled “The Essence of A Culture” - a continuation of the 2014 “Digital River” concept. Designs in black and white symbolizing certain cultural elements navigated like a river between the installation.


The aim is to showcase the cultural significance of the Taiwanese brands and the creativity of the industry through the dynamic displays and presentations.


The animation of the video titled “The Essence of a Culture” moves like a river that is dynamic and ever changing. On the riverbanks are raw materials and the resulting art pieces from creative hands. The black and white patterns like contour lines visualized a landscape that is evolving and adaptable; and like a river, navigating us along the creative process.


The projection mapping allows for an immersive experience and provides the visitors a deeper understanding of the cultural meanings and a broader perspective of the brands and industry.




25th Golden Melody Awards

2015 Golden Pin Design Award

2015 Golden Pin Design Award