CNEX Documentary Channel Branding

Created: 2015
Client: CNEX



CNEX is Taiwan’s first documentary channel, offering factual, humanistic, and diverse content. JL DESIGN created an all-new brand identity and channel branding for CNEX, and the three ident videos produced made use of three different objects to reflect the many living beings that share this Earth. Additionally, red blocks were used to illustrate the ripple effect brought about by the channel. In terms of the channel branding, we used little red squares and a grid system symbolizing the mass of humanity to represent the documentary channel. The squares then expand into windows and columns showcasing program information. The visual design we created for CNEX combines both cultural details and aesthetics, establishing a library of documentaries that collect cultural wisdom for the channel.


JL DESIGN created a complete brand identity package for CNEX, Taiwan's first documentary-themed channel offering factual, humanistic, and diverse content, whose target audience are white-collared intellectuals. The goal of JL DESIGN was to produce a visual language that was intellectual, concise, and based on documentaries, in order to create a clear brand identity for CNEX.


In each of the channel’s three ident videos, JL DESIGN used a bouncing ball, a swaying flickering light bulb, or a wind-driven device to symbolize the different lifestyles that living beings take, while red blocks were used to represent ripple effect brought about by CNEX. The red squares representing the documentary channel rotate and move around, drawing the focus of the viewers onto the grid system that symbolises the mass of humanity, and which gradually expands into windows and columns showcasing program information.

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The visual design, which combines cultural details and aesthetics, conveys CNEX’s goal of becoming an influential media outlet, while maintaining a high degree of aesthetics and offering an incredibly symbolic visual experience. We created a concise brand identity for the channel with strong cultural details, and it’s based on the highest standards of design, surpassing that of most channels at that time. It was no wonder that this design won the Gold Award for Best Channel Design at PromaxBDA Global in 2016.



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