China Airlines|Corporate Image Video

Created: 2024
Client: China Airlines



As Taiwan's most emblematic airlines, China Airlines maintains a highly professional image in the aviation industry, while also shouldering the brand mission of bridging local and international connections. Starting with a corporate image video collaboration between JL DESIGN and China Airlines, this initiative combines creative integration thinking from a brand perspective. It unfolds a series of visual projects aimed at deepening brand impressions, covering various communication needs from the corporate to the consumer end. This endeavor aids China Airlines in conveying its core brand values, thereby cultivating a contemporary international image.


Identity — How to deepen China Airlines' brand uniqueness to cope with intense competition both domestically and internationally. Evolve — How to continue China Airlines' rich cultural heritage and use design to create contemporary and fresh experiences. Connect — How to create warmth and resonance, allowing people to feel the essence of China Airlines' corporate culture and service. Amplify — How to move beyond a singular video approach and extend planning to meet the diverse communication needs of the brand.

Core Concept

"Together with you, blossoming in the sky" China Airlines is a shared memory for many, carrying the unique cultural characteristics and local spirit of the island. It is a large-scale international airline, but more importantly, it represents Taiwan and serves as a vital connection between Taiwan and the world. From local roots to global presence, from the past to the future, China Airlines has always been there, like a continuously blooming plum blossom, accompanying everyone as we gracefully navigate towards the sky.


Focusing on the "cultural essence of China Airlines" and "empathetic flying experience," we've crafted a journey through the skies that diverges from conventional corporate videos' rigid informational presentations. This journey connects various service segments through the flying experience in a way that resonates more deeply with travelers, helping viewers grasp the key information needed across different departments within the company. Additionally, we prioritize "people" by illustrating the intrinsic connection between China Airlines staff and travelers, weaving together the airline's unique cultural essence. This approach echoes the slogan "Together with you, blossoming in the sky," creating a distinction from other airlines.

Visual Elements

Using "Together with you, blossoming in the sky" as the theme, we aim to convey the deep connection between China Airlines and the travelers; the world is welcomed in attentiveness, steadfastness and openness, and the journey together is with an elegance that is uniquely theirs. Visually, it is most important to showcase the sophistication and warmth that China Airlines can bring. The brand color is incorporated in the gradient of a blue sky, lines appearing on the sky symbolize the connection between China Airlines and the travelers, and how together, they gracefully create the numerous flight paths, resulting in a final revelation of the China Airlines's "plum blossom". Audiowise, we employ a more modern style to reinterpret China Airlines classic "Plum blossom blooming" tune, resulting in a layered melody and rhythm variation that necessitate the many details added.


We've transformed the classic melody of China Airlines' "China Airline Theme" into a contemporary style, utilizing real textures, intricate details, and layered melodies. Through this reinterpretation, we aim to evoke the emotions of every moment of flight, capturing China Airlines' warm, meticulous, and broad-minded temperament.

Social & Application Design

In response to China Airlines' corporate scale and future promotional needs, we've transcended the single video approach from the project's inception. Instead, we've adopted a brand management approach to construct a series of visual designs and auditory tones, assisting the brand in expanding its future applications. For instance, we've extended visual elements to serve as thumbnails for video covers, for use on China Airlines' official homepage, major social media platforms, banners, and more. Simultaneously, we've tailored our approach to the browsing and listening trends on social media platforms and addressed themes that resonate with aviation enthusiasts. We've condensed shooting materials into 11 thematic short videos, effectively broadening touchpoints and promotional dimensions.



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