Chen Linong "Masterpiece" Music Video
Created: 2020
Client: A Legend Star Entertainment Corp.



JL DESIGN worked on the music video, Masterpiece, for Universal Music’s singer Chen Linong, aiming to unveil and highlight Chen’s versatility and sincerity. Different form traditional music videos, we adopted brand-new visual approaches to show audiences a different version of Chen as well as how he perceives music.


We aimed to show to audiences the versatility of this young singer who came to fame very quickly from his appearance in a talent show by making him dance in the music video for the first time. By doing so, fans would get to know this versatile 20-year-old boy and his music from a different perspective.


To creatively dissect the versatile singer’s personality, we used three different rooms to showcase Chen’s three different characteristics in the music videos. The wonderland created by Spanish illustrator Cristina Daura, the psychedelic showroom of light and shadow, and the fantastic digital world were the three universes demonstrating Chen’s characteristics, and the music video was like a journey that Chen embarked on to explore himself.

Teaser Round.1 - Round.3


解構自我— 我們與來自西班牙插畫家@Cristina Daura合作,概念上層層凸顯打破既定印象框架,視覺手法以許多與本人相關的物件,不斷分割、裂解、重新拼貼,不斷對話、破繭而出的新生自我意識。

收藏自我— 著進入迷幻光影下的展示間,隨著每一個beat綻放自信風采,呈現主角對自我的期待,不斷突破挑戰,化為自己心中的masterpiece。

20異想— 最後挖掘陳立農日常生活的真實面向,打造出數位世界天馬行空超現實,詮釋有別於過去形象,引領大家認識這位20歲大男孩的異想世界。



The music video was a breakthrough for Chen as it not only presented him as a talent show singer but also highlighted his versatility and talent in dancing and song-writing. At the meantime, the music video also conveyed the singer’s belief that everyone is a precious “masterpiece” in the world, encouraging the audiences to embrace their true selves.



Creative Agency: JL DESIGN Creative Director: Johan Tsai Head of Project Management: ChiaYing Tsai Producer: Ryan Lin Planner: Carol Chen Production Assistant: Naiyu Song, Pinchi Huang Design: Amber Lee, Ivan Fang, Abby Tsai, Annie Yang Illustration: Cristina Daura Animation: Ben Liao, Junde Lin, Lizhen Shen MixCode Studio Animation Director : 柯鈞譯, 李孟栩 Project Manager : 林芷君 Layout: 邱憶文 Cel Animation: 林俞萍, 許煒莉, 陳羿綺 3D Artist: 簡一盛, 真有錢, 陳安 2D Artist: 何佳珍, 江道欣, 林俞萍 3D Character: 張師堯 (Rigging), 張之萓 (Animation) Shooting Production Director: 林修毅 Executive Producer: Johan Tsai, Ryan Lin Assistant Director: 何欣 DOP: 傅士英 Focus Puller: 黃煒程 Assistant Camera: 陳萬得, 陳涓, 邱信智, 徐煥綸 Gaffer: 袁立衛 Gaffer Team: 郭冠均, 林宗賢, 陳唯浩, 莊智淵, 呂科徴, 藍功民, 李培瑋 Art Director: 方聖翔 Assistant Art Director: 郭世承 Line Producer: 黃緯豪 Producer Assistant: 張仟又, 林孟廷 Production Assistant: 蔡柏風, 林愛紋, 江彥駤, 林煜翔, 徐鵬森 Film Studio: 阿榮影業股份有限公司 Equipment: 力榮影業有限公司, 張益誠, 黃永鑫, 王朝祥 Post Production Editor: Showy Lin, Nanez Chen, 莫亞麗 Color Grading: TimeLine Studio Project Manager: Ying Fang Chen Coloris: Kuan Yi Ho Color-Grading Assistant: Kuan Yi Ho Visual Effects: DarkFlame Studio Project Manager: Hsiao Ting Hsu Special Effects Artist: Suen Sheng Yang Sound Effect: Chen-Tao Chiang Roto: Lizhen Shen, Berry Cheng, 巧克力, 蕭一慧, 林佳儀, 王鵬豪, 楊筱蘋, 李婉鈴, 特藝數位影像設計有限公司 (Roy Chen, Bill Chen, Peter Chen, Howard Chang, chung chiu)


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