CGTN Documentary

Created: 2019
Client: CGTN Documentary



CGTN Documentary is a channel produced by China Central Television targeting worldwide audiences. In 2019, JL DESIGN created channel branding and six promo videos with global perspectives, aiming to demonstrate the features and themes of the shows CGTN Documentary presented.


JL DESIGN created channel branding and promo videos for CGTN Documentary in 2019. With comprehensive branding package and six creative promo videos, we highlighted the sincere, deep human connection as well as the universal language used by the channel to attract and connect with international audiences.


Beginning from CGTV’s positioning as a documentary channel, we tried to capture time as it is a fundamental dimension in every documentary. The changes of nature, the development of human society, the progress of civilisation, and the accumulation of emotions and feelings were all translated into key elements of the package as we captured the traces of time on the land with creativity. To go with the themes of the shows, JL DESIGN played with “light” in every promo video and examined it with different perspectives to highlight the heterogeneous, organic, and experimental characteristics of documentaries. Combining a great amount of footages with diverse design techniques and styles, we depicted the long journey travellers embark on for capturing light and shadows, the history built by humans as well as the height and development of civilisation people achieved as time went on.


See Our Destiny through History

Our past shapes who we are today, even if it does not define us. It is about knowing our roots, our heritage; what makes us, us. And only by looking back, can we understand where our future may lie.

Life’s Struggles

Everyone moves at their own pace, even when times are changing. As long as we move forward, as long as we seek the high ground. What we strive for, Is progress and betterment for all.

Exploring Spirit

We are all travellers, In one way or another. In search of a truth, a light that will lead us in our quest; adventures that will fill our spirit and soul; an exploration beyond what can ever be imagined.

Love and Peace

If we are to see a future, a vision of hope, we have to do what is right. Upholding all that is good and just, passing on belief and faith to the next generation; a legacy that stands the test of time. Let today be the start of all our tomorrows.

Diverse Culture

Every culture has its own story. Over time, it is beliefs and tradition that hold a people together, giving meaning to their habits and way of life, making them unique, and the world a vastly more interesting place as we come to discover more about each other.

Appreciate Nature

Look around. Whispering on tree tops, blossoming at our feet. The earth lives and breathes a fearless beauty that nourishes us - physically and spiritually. It is now up to us to give back what we take.


From brand videos, promo videos, visual identity, and channel branding, we offered design guideline for CGTN to interpret the features and themes of the shows it produced. Playing with light to explore the heterogeneous, organic, and experimental characteristics of documentaries, we created a unique, humanistic, and aesthetic branding package with global perspectives along with six promo videos for CGTN.



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