CCTV9 2018
Created: 2018
Client: CCTV9



In 2018, JL imagined CCTV9 Documentary Channel to be a "museum of time”, a place where moments are captured and showcased, and stories from all corners are part of the displays. Time is made visible and the spaces becoming timeless.


CCTV9 Documentary Channel was launched in 2011 and had been bold with their branding. The learned young viewers turned increasingly to the channel. As it gained traction in the Chinese broadcasting world, its new look became more modern, substantial and streamlined.


Inside the “museum of time”, we see a mirrored world, noting the relationship between people and nature, how society is formed and the CCTV9 logo being a cube turned installation, represents the different relationship between environment and time. In this journey through time, we traveled from past to present and looked to a future unknown. We will keep pushing forward, knowing that the world is a reflection of ourselves, and to continue to rediscover and reinvent the world and ourselves. For the channel package design, the glass installation shows moments of time and reflects different perspectives at different angles. The moving images reflect time and how the glass installation as a whole form a bigger picture. In the channel idents, the logo becomes an installation showing the relationship between people and the environment - the wood from the earth even in the arid desert, cities of steel that developed near water as it sustained life and facilitated commerce, the thread that connects all like traders of the silk road that traversed vast lands and long routes - signs of civilization and the delicate relationship between man and the environment. After all, the world we make is a reflection on ourselves.






Creative Agency: JL DESIGN
 Creative Director: JL Executive Producer: Angela Moo Head of Project Management: Chiaying Tsai Project Manager: Jerry Fang Art Director: Ming Hsien Sha, Lance Wei Senior Designer: Utsuo Chen Designer: Peter Kienetz, Jim Hsu, Julian Chen, Children Chiu, Hank Liu, Orange Mugi Music: A-Len Yue (MUSDM) Sound FX: Peter Pan, 楊子霆 (MUSDM) Image Production: Film Power Shanghai Executive Producer: Chi Fu Tseng Production Manager : 錢小林 Production Team: 顧寧, 丁金花, 戴磊 Cameraman: 陳柏任 Art Director: 陳柏任 Asst. Cameraman: 張洪岩 Gaffer: 陳化剛 Wardrobe & Asst: 林翎 Make up: 吳璐婷 Hair Stylist: Candy Ident Production: Film Power Shanghai Executive Producer: Chi Fu Tseng Production Manager: 錢小林, 顧寧 Cameraman: 陳柏任


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