CCTV9 2011-2015

Created: 2011-2015
Client: CCTV9



CCTV9 had since 2011 commissioned JL DESIGN to brand its documentary channel which objectively presents true stories behind events. Using different visuals to convey the channel’s spirit through all channel branding media, JL DESIGN had created narrative advertising with powerful stories to document lifestyles of all walks of life like a permanent archive.


JL DESIGN had, since 2011, produced ident videos released in 2013, ans 2015 for CCTV9. The channel branding was used to convey the spirit of the channel, document changes brought by time, and preserve memories for different people, events, and stories with authentic footages.


We made use of different concepts to interpret the different aspects of the track of time. In 2013, time documented and witnessed different stories such as the family bond shared by fathers and daughters and the time people spent on training and enhancing themselves. In 2015, we continued to focus on the track of time to get closer to the real lives that people with different faiths lived. All the exciting and moving moments accumulated in the well-worn path of time, thus achieving remarkable outcomes.

2011 Image|Culture

2011 Image|Everything is you

2013 Ident

2013 Image|Moment in Time

2015 Logo Animation

2015 Image



Branding Identity

Film & Motion Graphics

CGTN Documentary

CCTV9 2018

CCTV9 2018