Beyond Pro|ProArt Influencer Video

Created: 2022
Client: ASUS



ASUS ProArt unveiled its first themed creator series, Beyond Pro, in 2022. JL DESIGN is not just one of the collaborators involved in the brand’s visual identity campaign in 2021 but invited creative studios from UK, Italy, and Lithuania as well to work on the campaign. Together with Fluent (UK), fuse* (Italy), and KORB (Lithuania), the influencer videos connected with the target audience and strengthened the relationship between creators and the products.


The creators involved in the “Beyond Pro” series come from different cultural backgrounds and have different fields of expertise, which include design, animation and new media art. We set the theme for the project, established a story line for the different videos, coordinated the production remotely and helped in producing the videos. The different videos not only showcased the style and makeup of the studios, but also focused more on the creators rather than the products, helping to establish ProArt as a brand that support all creativity.


JL DESIGN is not only involved in the branding but is also a creator in this project. Based on the core concept, Beyond Pro, JL DESIGN gave “beyond" a different interpretation and the studios the freedom to develop their story and title their own videos; navigating between their inspirations and expertise, their achievements and appraisals of the products. In accordance to the theme, each studio adopted a distinctive perspective in the narration of the urban, natural, and cultural landscapes of their own cities: from Taipei to London, Modena, and Vilnius. The different studios in their own individual style, showcased their thoughts, work and the products in the videos. JL worked remotely with the three international shooting crews. At the pre-production stage, we developed the concepts and set up the pipeline. The studio shoot was according to the brand product guidelines. Interview questions and scope were established to provide guidance for the video. The shot lists for the different studios were discussed beforehand to ensure the materials for the videos are according to the various storylines. After the shoot at the different locations had been completed, all footages were sent to us for edit, color correction, and putting the video to music, as we were in-charge of the finished products. We also assisted the brand in their marketing strategy. From concept to the production of the 4 international influencer videos, we helped the brand to open up a new communication channel for their target audience.

JL|Creative Agency Beyond Pro: Hybrid Land

Hybrid,複合性,是 JL 的特質,從成長的文化背景,團隊的組成,到 JL 的創作面向,持續用不同的角度觀察、發現與提問,從生活出發,用 JL 的方式說更多好故事,創造影響力。

Fluent|Design & Motion Studio Beyond Pro: State of Inspiration

The core of Fluent's work is in CG and motion design. The studio draws inspiration from things they see around them, especially in natural environments. Fluent keeps pushing their creative ideas beyond their imagination.

fuse*|Multidisciplinary Art Studio Beyond Pro: Beauty in Complexity

fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio and sees every phenomena as a complex system of information. Through works of art at the confluence of art, science and technological research, a new reality is revealed, making the complex more accessible and seeing the beauty that exists within everything.

KORB|Design & VFX Boutique Beyond Pro: Realm of Unexpected

With a passion to create quality photorealism, from abstract forms to technology, fashion and design, KORB uses visual experimentation to produce outstanding contemporary content, inspired by current trends and culture.



Film & Motion Graphics

The 57th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony: Commercial


Developed a new brand strategy; connecting expert artists with the brand.

Developed a new brand strategy; connecting expert artists with the brand.


Developed a new brand strategy; connecting expert artists with the brand.