Benz A-Class Commercial

Created: 2015
Client: Mercedes-Benz Tawian



Taiwan's Mercedes-Benz A-Class got a facelift in 2015 with the launch of a new image film, which follows the new generation A-Class’s debut in 2012. This was the first time Mercedes-Benz Taiwan invested heavily in creating an all-new A-Class brand video, targeting the younger generation. The visuals deconstruct the most primitive human drive and adopt a new perspective to strongly convey the power and stunning image that the A-Class epitomises.


While the image film was the first project for the Taiwanese market, it had to meet international standards. It was hoped that the revised image would more clearly show the passion and movement of the A-Class, reflecting the self-focused thinking of young people, who are the target audience, while retaining the brand image and spirit of "I dare. I want. I can. I love. I dazzle".


The advertising concept was based on the primal human sensory stimulation that drives vision, which are broken down into the frenzied flow of blood, muscle contractions, goose bumps, pupil dilation, and various physiological reactions that are in line with the beast-like character of the A-Class. Additionally, this was a collaboration with the internationally renowned sound design team Echo Lab, which focused on the production quality of the image film. As a result, the video contains delicate sound effects that meets the 5.1-surround sound requirements and can be played in theatres.


The visually stunning advertising image is matched with the core concept of the video, "new generation vitality", as well as the revised theme, #Mine. These serve as a reminder that the young generation should all have an A-Class because of its passionate character and because the A-Class will accompany them as they speed through life.




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