BELLA Rebrand

Created: 2017
Client: Città Bella Taiwan



JL DESIGN crafted the new logo for in 2017, the first home-grown female magazine in Taiwan. Choosing the font type of the future, Futura, we developed a sharp, simple, and fashionable icon that conveys eternity and the brand’s spirit for Taiwan’s oldest fashion magazine. We also created new visual identity for its social media and digital platform uses, delivering a comprehensive brand identity for the magazine.


JL DESIGN redesigned the logo for Città Bella, the first home-grown female magazine in Taiwan, revamping its brand identity for the first time in thirty years. We conveyed the value and spirits of the female magazine to help it better communicate with its readers, differentiating it from an array of competitors in the market.


After studying the persona of the brand and those of its huge number of competitors, JL DESIGN came up with a brand identity for Bella – “Dare to be yourself. Dare to believe.” We helped the magazine deliver urban women’s versatility, maturity, and confidence, conveying their fearlessness in the face of peer pressure and their desire to bravely pursue what they dream about. Aside from this, the major concept behind the brand is “breakthroughs”. Based on the clean, sharp Futura typeface, we created a futuristic and fashionable icon to highlight the spirit of continual self-enhancement by rounding the corners and altering the shapes of terminals.


The new design brings about a complete change of its brand identity with a sharp, clean, and eternal icon which encourages modern women to be confident and to pursue their dreams. It attracts new readers in the digital era while helping the brand maintain the existing readership. The final design not only serves as the icon of its magazines but is also applied on its social media platforms as part of our effort to help them create consistent visual experiences for readers.



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