Ta Ching Securities: PGN Series

Created: 2021
Client: Ta Ching Securities


Ta Ching Securities PGN Image Video –

JL DESIGN worked with Ta Ching Securities to deliver a human-centred communication for introducing their financial products.

At JL DESIGN, we started to work with the finance sector by partnering with Ta Ching Securities, expecting ourselves to use creativity and design to spread the wonderful experience of finanicial investment and convey the idea in an unconventional way. We began with the image film and visual designs of the company's new product: "Bond Plus" Principle Guranteed Notes. The fruit of buying financial products is the profits in one's bank account, but the fascination of numbers and the power of finance have to be properly understood and felt at the first place before one would want to start the investment journey. Therefore, we began with what the target audience cares about, creating an easy-to-understand story and punchline to illustrate the advantages of the product: "With extra money, you can enjoy extra flexibility." Additional income can be generated in a simple way, opening up more opportunities in your life and giving you more stability, more benefits, and more happiness. We worked with Japanese illustrator Taku Bannai to design the visuals. His heartwarming style, powerful use of blocks of colour, combined with torn paper and paper-cutting technique, demonstrate a satisfying and relaxing lifestyle. In terms of the motion graphics, the characters and items in different scenes were delicately arranged to showcase the laid-back lifestyle and cozy life. We also invited MUSDM, a Golden Melody Award winner, to score the image film. Our goal is to bring finanical products closer to people and showcase the wonderful life achieved with this product.

Ta Ching Securities PGN Product Video –

JL DESIGN worked with Ta Ching Securities to deliver a human-centred communication for introducing their financial products.

The product video uses visual designs and motion graphics to clearly demonstrate the features of the "Bond Plus" product and bring it closer to viewers. It is not a promotional video but a vehicle to accurately and precisely convey the power of finance. Despite the fluctuation in the financial market, a proper investment strategy will bring in good profits, and this product is a good choice as it offers a 3.5% dividend yield for its investors. We put together different graphic elements, such as fruits, folding lines, and balls, to make the video more approachable to viewers. The hand gesture suggesting "Plus", or "more", shows up throughout the video, speaking to viewers how the product can make their life better and that can be felt in every part of their life: A life with more stability, more benefits and more happiness.



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