Created: 2021
Client: ASUS



ProArt is ASUS's premium range designed for the world's top creatives. The visual language not only speaks of its quality but is adaptable in its application for future communication. Going forward, ProArt is to become a platform connecting the different creatives and catering for all future possibilities.


JL refresh ProArt’s image through its brand identity, global standard, visual system and tone. Renewing the guideline for the continuing strategic development of ProArt.

What is ProArt?


Pro is the bedrock of creativity, stable and professional; Art is all inspiration made possible, where imagination comes unbound. ProArt is made for all of your creativity. Powerful and stable, every flash of idea comes true, boldly venturing into the unknown. JL created ProArt’s main visuals and invited four groups of international artists to create exclusive artworks for ProArt based on the product themes. Using the slogan "Made for ProArtists" and “Made by ProArtists” to communicate with the creatives, exploring the different possibilities when PRO / ART / ARTISTS come together and to strengthen the visual language for ProArt.

ProArt x JL x Fluent x fuse* x KORB x Media.Work

JL|ProArt Visual Identity

“Pro” became a structural model in bluish grey tone, sitting in a subdued environment in low light, giving an impression that it is powerful and stable, and as a background, is suitable for various types of visual needs and application designs.

Fluent x fuse* x KORB x Media.Work|Artwork

JL defined the themes for the different products and invited artists to create customized artwork for the various products.

Application Design

Poster Design



Scenario Photo

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Film & Motion Graphics

FEDS XinYi A13

2022 17th KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony

2022 17th KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony