30th Golden Melody Awards

Created: 2019
Client: Ministry of Culture



Responsible for the visual identity of the 30th Golden Melody Awards (GMA) Ceremony, JL DESIGN presented a comprehensive retrospective show to highlight the GMA’s achievement, glory, and inspiration it has brought to its audiences. To pay tribute to all the musicians, we proposed the concept “The Era Recalled” for the year’s ceremony and played the short videos we created for the GMA after commercial breaks. The 15 black and white short documentaries featured 70 musicians who have been influential for the past three decades, with which JL DESIGN unveiled behind-the-scene stories about these musicians and created an exclusive awards ceremony dedicating to them.


The 30th GMA ceremony would be the last edition we opted in for the visual identity, and our goal was to demonstrate the most comprehensive history of the ceremony so as to keep the spirits going. Therefore, we crafted every part of the ceremony with exquisite delicacy, looking forward to conveying the importance and value of Mandopop 30 years in the making. By doing so, we would like to pay tribute to all the musicians and pass on the ceremony’s tradition for it to advance further.



JL DESIGN proposed the concept “The Era Recalled” for the 30th GMA ceremony, using sharp yet classic designs to present the core concept of the year – the catchy musical pieces in different eras. Lissajous curves were used to capture how music changes and flows with time, how musicians of different generations connect and work with one another, and how they have continued to produce music for people. The ceremony was like a platform opening up dialogues for different generations of musicians on a variety of issues. The visuals appeared on TVs during commercial breaks, revealing the spirits of 70 musicians who have made their statement in the past three decades. The 15 black and white documentaries were also broadcasted in the ceremony, telling the stories behind these musicians’ works and unveiling their unique attitudes.



Stage Design

Package Design



JL DESIGN worked for the GMA for the fourth time in its 30th edition, creating an exclusive awards ceremony dedicating to musicians. From concepts, creative ideas, visual designs, to video content, we elaborated on the catchy tunes of Mandopop, translating their spirits and glory into every part of the ceremony. Using Lissajous figures to convey the effort continuously made by generations of musicians while unveiling their stories in documentaries, we helped to connect musicians of different generations in the awards ceremony. Exploring the roots of the GMA, passing on the tradition, and forging a path for musicians to advance further, we managed to achieve these goals in 2019’s GMA ceremony.



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Film & Motion Graphics

29th Golden Melody Awards

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