29th Golden Melody Awards

Created: 2018
Client: Ministry of Culture



For the 29th Golden Melody Awards, it was a time to showcase the next generation of musicians and let their voices be heard, addressing any doubts regarding the new talents. The third time taking over the branding design package for the Golden Melody Awards, JL DESIGN featured the ideas and belief of the younger generation through the concept “Manifesto”. 29 young Taiwanese illustrators and 15 groups of animators collaborated on the content for 26 nominee videos. From the content and design, the social concerns and cultural awareness of the new generation were brought to the foreground, and their vision for the future filled with possibilities.


A concept to captured the spirit and tenacity of the new generation, to showcase their potential and how they are marching to their own tune. A third time creating the branding design package for the Golden Melody Awards, JL DESIGN continues to explore the direction and journey of Mandopop.


From the concept “Manifesto” comes design elements such as stickers, graffiti, posters and hastag - the language and tools of the young activists or protestors. 29 young Taiwanese illustrators from around the world and 15 groups of motion designers collaborated on the story for the 26 nominee videos. Music created for the videos, together with the storytelling style, bring out the thoughts and ideology of the new generation, making their “manifesto” loud and clear for all to see.

Nominees VCR

Stage Design

Package Design


The design and its content brought much hype to the 29th Golden Melody Awards ceremony. Positive feedback was found in the nominee videos being shared over 24,000 times, and with more than 30 news coverage on the event. The talking point being the views expressed during the event. The voices of the new generation were heard and their potential seen, projecting a future full of hope and possibilities for Mandopop.



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30th Golden Melody Awards