26th Golden Melody Awards

Created: 2015
Client: Young Hope



Following the successful branding for the 25th Golden Melody Awards ceremony, JL DESIGN returned to create the branding design package for the 26th Golden Melody Awards. Reflecting on how the land nurtured the creativity and rich vibrancy of Taiwan’s music, JL DESIGN came up with the concept of “Original soundtracks of Taiwan”, putting together a visual album featuring the many facets of the land and its people that had become the inspiration for musicians and song writers. In turn, people started looking at the familiar sights with new eyes.


We are to re-discover the source of inspiration for the musicians, revealing how the land that nurtured vitality and creativity gave birth to great works, and how our lives and culture are a constant source of nourishment for the musicians.


With “Original soundtracks of Taiwan” as concept, JL DESIGN gave a meaningful twist to familiar landscapes of certain cultural significance. The graphics brought out the relevance of the various nature, urban or social scenes and together, they formed an original “visual” album. The different facets of the culture and land are featured throughout the ceremony; the richness and power of the music inspired by the land was on full display.

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Package Design


The land and culture were seen through new eyes because of our design, invoking our collective memory of the land and how it nurtured and inspired us. Music is also shaped by the memory and experiences in our lives, reiterating and reinforcing our identities and the richness of our culture.



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