25th Golden Melody Awards

Created: 2014
Client: 源活



For the 25th Golden Melody Awards ceremony, JL DESIGN wanted to return to the basics of music and explored the idea through the graphics branding package. The concept “Graphic Beat” visualized the shape of sound, and Taiwan’s most prestigious music award was elevated to a new height with the elegant yet playful design and animation of the branding package. Graphics designers and motion graphics designers were invited to collaborate on the 20 nominee videos, showcasing Taiwan’s talented pool of designers in their respective fields.


JL DESIGN’s first time at visualizing the ceremony is to bring out the glamour and prestige of the Golden Melody Awards as it is a major music award for Mandopop. The idea is to showcase the various aspects of music making and how the award encompasses cultural, social and creative themes; the highest Mandopop award celebrates inclusivity.


JL DESIGN came out with the concept “Graphic Beat” as a return to the basics of music, and brought together 11 graphic designers and 13 motion graphics designers and studios to collaborate on the nominee videos. The graphic designers were paired with motion graphics designers to create moving images that featured different graphic styles. A great collaborative effort that mirrored the professionalism, creativity and vastness of Mandopop.

Nominees VCR

Package Design


JL DESIGN’s first work on the Golden Melody Awards garnered accolade and acclaim. When featured on our FB page, the post gathered more than 20,000 likes and the show hit a new historic record in its viewship. The positive response from the audience boosted the credibility and recognition of the Taiwanese designers. The collaboration between the different designers showed possibilities in terms of design and how an award ceremony can be elevated to a new height through design; not only did we bring out the prestige and reach of the Golden Melody Awards but the industry and society recognized the talents and potential of such collaborative effort.

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