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2022 17th KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony Visual Design
Created: 2022
Client: KKBOX



KKBOX leverages big data and technology to create personalised online music community for users, while user behaviors are collected to publish real-time daily, weekly, and annual charts. JL aimed to unveil the purpose of every click on the platform in the ceremony so as to showcase how a community is formed by every individual's behaviour.


KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony is the most anticipated music awards ceremony in Asia. It goes beyond pop music to include the emerging medium, podcast shows, in its awards list, allowing us to see more possibilities of "voice". JL DESIGN and KKBOX worked together to delve into the purpose of every click on the platform, trying to reclaim the nature of song charts and therefore create new strategies to illustrate the interconnected relationships among the platform, data, and the ceremony: "It is a trendy party run by all of us. An annual song chart with countless voices."


KKBOX Music Awards consist of a set of real-time song charts – an unfinished project that keeps refreshing itself. Authentic images were used to "deconstruct" every instant of listeners' being touched, inspired, and encoraged by the voice they heard whenever and wherever they are, and the clicks are "remixed" and turned into playlists customised for us – they represent our communities and our voices. Let's listen to the spirit of the era, hear the everyday life of all of us, and learn about the flow of people's life that is subject to constant change in the song charts.

Our Voice speaks for "us"

Music & Podcast Awards Key Visual Concept

Key Visual


KKBOX Music Awards Package

Artist of the Year VCR

Stage Design風雲榜舞台空景照2_s.png

Photo Credit: KKBOX

KKBOX Podcast Awards Package

Best Podcast of the Year VCR



Client: KKBOX Creative Agency: JL Executive Producer: Angela Moo Head of Project Management: Chia Ying Tsai Creative Director: Johan Tsai, Lance Wei Art Director: Hsiang Ju Hung Project Manager: Ryan Lin, Anne Hung Project Assistant: Berry Cheng Copywriter: Kyte Lin Key Visual Design: Wei Lee, Frank Weng, Amber Lee Motion Design: Ben Liao, Junde Lin COMPUTERFACE Art Director: Hank Chen, Kyle Jhuang Motion Design: Hank Chen, Kyle Jhuang, Kevin Lo, Ping Yen Lin, Yung Hao Chiang Key Visual Photo Shooting Photographer: Kaii Chiang Assistant Photographer: Huang Ting Yun, Liao Chih Ting Production: Future Tense Integral Visuals|Echo Lee Production Coordinator: Future Tense Integral Visuals|Chih Yen Hsu Production Assistant: Future Tense Integral Visuals| Yu Ting Lin, Yi Zhen Lu Makeup & Hair Stylist: Leo Hsieh Assistant Makeup & Hair Stylist: Du Stylist: Mikaaaaatang Models: Min Wu, Leo Hsieh, Ying Han Wang, Yu Ting Lin Music 《Our Voice #就是我們》 Producer: Dennis Chang Composer: Wei Lee


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29th Golden Melody Awards

Kaohsiung Music Center

Kaohsiung Music Center