2022 17th KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony

Created: 2022
Client: KKBOX



KKBOX leverages big data and technology to create a personalized streaming music platform for users. The choices that users make accumulate to daily, weekly, and annual charts. JL DESIGN reveal the power of all individual clicks on the platform during the music award ceremony, showcasing how a social community is formed through individual's behavior.


KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony is one of the most anticipated music awards ceremony in Asia. It goes beyond pop music to include emerging podcast shows in its awards list, allowing different “voices" to be heard. JL DESIGN and KKBOX worked together to rediscover the meaning behind the data, revealing what really is driving the charts. The strategy and interpretation highlight the relationships between the platform, data, and awards ceremony - “We started a trendy party, an annual music chart that encompasses different voices.”


The visual for the KKBOX Music Awards Ceremony consists of a space that is constantly being renewed. Constructing the most authentic images of listeners at different time, places and environment, and the moments of them being moved, encouraged, and inspired by what they heard. The data are “regrouped” and turned into a playlists that belonged to us – they represent our communities and our voices. Feeling the rhythm of the times, seeing the moments, and hearing the stories in our everyday lives from the shift in the music charts.

Our Voice.

Music & Podcast Awards Key Visual Concept

Key Visual

KKBOX Music Awards Package

Artist of the Year VCR

Stage Design

Photo Credit: KKBOX

KKBOX Podcast Awards Package

Best Podcast of the Year VCR



Branding Identity

Film & Motion Graphics

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29th Golden Melody Awards

Kaohsiung Music Center

Kaohsiung Music Center