2015 Golden Pin Design Award

Created: 2015
Client: Taiwan Designer Center



JL DESIGN was responsible for the visual identity of the Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony 2015, helping to carry on its 2014 objective for transformation. In order to further increase the ceremony’s influence, we set the tone and established clear procedures and framework for it, making it an in-depth and professional event. Centring around the concept of “touchstone”, we created succinct and elegant ceremony to interpret the humanistic spirit and highlight the depth and meanings of the awards.


To carry on its 2014 plan to transform, we were responsible for the visual identity of the Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony in 2015. We aimed to deliver comprehensive framework and branding messages to convey more in-depth humanistic spirit and the glory of the ceremony based on its heritage.


Based on the concept of “touchstone”, we focused on the core value of design in this year’s awards ceremony, which is to overcome tough challenges only for presenting a piece of design. Inspired by the colour of metal – gold – we crafted four unique visual elements for the four major awards and refreshed the ceremony’s image while allowing audiences to enjoy the music played by strings and keyboards that turned into elegant and eternal notes.

Golden Pin Design Award 2015 Promo Reel

Golden Pin Design Award 2015 Jury Video

Golden Pin Award 2015 Logo Loop

Nominees Video

Winner Video



JL DESIGN aimed to deliver a tranquil and understated Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony in 2015, so we turned to in-depth humanistic spirit for conveying the value of the awards. We carried on the previous year’s goal to transform, highlighting the depth and meanings of a design contest and presenting them in its awards ceremony.



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