2014 Golden Pin Design Award

Created: 2014
Client: Taiwan Designer Center



GD Mark was a certification awarded by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. As it began to evolve in 2014, it became the fourth iconic golden awards in Taiwan. JL DESIGN was responsible for revamping the content, branding, and visual identity of the awards and the ceremony based on the idea of “a new Chinese style”. Mixing eastern calligraphic strokes with western design philosophy, we aimed to revamp the award ceremony, change the image of the government-funded event, and help the event stand out globally as a leading design awards for the Mandarin-speaking world.


As Taiwan’s design industry emerged in the world, GD Marks had evolved from product certifications given by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs into Golden Pin Design Award, looking forward to getting elevated as the fourth iconic golden awards in Taiwan – along with the Golden Horse Awards for films, Golden Bell Awards for TV shows and dramas, and Golden Melody Awards for music. At the turning point, JL DESIGN was responsible for its brand identity, aiming to revamp the brand and create a different series of awards to help them stand out as the leading design awards in the Mandarin-speaking regions.


JL DESIGN proposed the idea of “a new Chinese style” to deliver new branding and packaging, visual identity, and content for the awards ceremony. Aiming to elevate it, we proposed comprehensive design ideas and consistent visual designs throughout every part of the ceremony and took heed of details. From procedures to content, we delivered a premium contest from every perspective and defined it as the industrial design awards for the Mandarin-speaking market. With the use of black and gold, we highlighted the glory of the Chinese-styled ceremony, striking a balance between eastern calligraphy art and western design logic by blending together Tong Yang-tze’s calligraphic works and other design elements which are classic, well-balanced, and eternal.

Golden Pin Design Award Promo

Golden pin design award 2014 Jury interview

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Ceremony Opening

Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Logo Animation



As Golden Pin Design Award transformed in 2014, JL DESIGN created a brand-new identity for it, sticking to the idea to “speak for designers” and striving to make participants feel the same and that they were highly valued premium guests in the ceremony. We flipped the image of a government-funded event, making the Golden Pin Design Award an influential event and an iconic award in Asia and contributing to a 30% increase in entries in the next year’s edition.



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