China Business Network Channel Branding

Created: 2013
Client: China Business Network



JL DESIGN created the annual channel package for Shanghai Media Group (SMG)’s China Business Network (CBN) in 2013. The overall design was done with a financial perspective in mind. Financial news is seen as a constant flow of nutrients, and conveying accurate and fast financial information to investors is a priority for the channel. The comprehensive visual experience helped reshape CBN into a reliable, dynamic financial indicator.


JL DESIGN planned the all-new 2014 channel package for CBN. The goal was to give CBN the image of a leading brand in the field, build its influence, and through the use of visuals, get viewers to recognize that CBN is a reliable indicator of financial news. JL DESIGN was responsible for the brand’s positioning, creative concepts, storyboards, styleframe, and animatics.


We approached the overall visual planning for CBN from a financial perspective. Financial news is analogous to nutrients that are continuously channelled, conveying accurate and fast financial information for investors to refer to. The element of the channel's original logo, "1", and the concept of "flowing numbers" were upgraded, positioning CBN as the core engine of the financial sector. Additionally, gold as an auxiliary colour was added to the channel's existing tone of blue to revamp the visual experience. The logo bumper draws an analogy of the relationship between financial information and CBN, comparing it to a machine and its core: The engine sends out information from within the "1", connecting it to the financial world outside, which is driven by the continuous running of the central engine – CBN.

Logo Animation V.1

Logo Animation V.2

Opener - Morning Express

Opener - Stock Today




By the comprehensive and in-depth positioning and visual planning of the channel, we crafted CBN’s channel branding for the year and constructed a complete brand image for the channel. The design cemented CBN’s position as the most reliable indicator of financial information and laid the foundation for the channel to become a brand that has key influence and conveys important financial information.



Graphic Design

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